Sunday, January 18, 2009

Bring on the Night

Well hey there, I'm back!
Sorry for being nonexistent, but I have been very busy trying not to fail my classes. Well last time I saw you I had longer hair, but I cut it all off. I feel so free. My life has been progressing in the right directions and all is well. My new classes are great, mainly because I'm not taking Spanish any more. I know some people think that is a mistake, but I for one do not. Instead I wanted to take Journalism, but the class was full, so I was lucky enough to get the last spot in T.V. Production. And it's first period too so I won't miss much if I do happen to fall asleep. Yes all seems well. Also I think I will no longer have to worry about failing, because I will be studying more often. So yesterday Renata, Gabriel, Paula our photographer (who took these lovely pictures), and I all did another large photoshoot for the Weardrobe Chuck Taylors [Converse] contest. This is my best outfit up-to-date. And you will just get a sneak peek because I have already put my pictures up on LookBook. The entire photoshoot will be posted later explaining what we are wearing, so I won't be saying anything about that here. Enjoy this little treat!



Kelly said...

the hair looks awesome! short hair is always great...on the right person.

Yvonne said...

oh nice. those 2 pics of you look really good. great setting.
i like short hair better than long.

Renata said...

Ava, you look completely vogue-worthy in these pictures, Paula did a very good job

In-tree-gue said...

Yes I agree Renata. I think I'll send them to teen Vogue!

Lea Anne said...

lovely pictures. nice backdrop as well! i am completely in loooove with that skirt.