Tuesday, December 30, 2008

It seems like Mexico is one party after the next (not that that is a bad thing) but first Christmas , then my birthday and New year's. Well this is the outfit I wore today. I'm sorry about the skimpy posts lately but I shouldn't exactlybe on the computer. What I wore: poofy sleeved shirt from H&M, skirt used for volume from Guess, skirt from American Apperal, tights from Target, and belt from Forever 21.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Asleep waiting for Santa

My sister thought it would be funny to take a picture of me passed out from the nights festivities with my head band still on. The bird is actually a Christmas ornament for the tree, given to me as a present from my uncle... odd present, but it matched my shoes quite nicely and brought my outfit a festive and, well, more like something I would do every day feel. Because my parents every year throw a Christmas party with my family, I have to be careful not to scare them with what I wear. I didn't want to just wear a T-shirt and jeans, and my parents and family understand that, but they don't all understand "fashion" yet. Some do, but not all of them. They think fashion is wearing sparkly tops with jeans and boots or high heels. So I wore my ruffle top from the Salvation army tucked into my Hanukkah jeans (I call them that because I got them on the first day of Hanukkah) that I got from Forever 21, burgundy flats, and my AEO teal cardigan. It all looked very nice. but later I changed into a lace tank and my soccer shorts to go to sleep, and I forgot that I was still wearing the head band, so I fell asleep with it on, waiting till morning to open my gifts, and my sister takes a picture because its really funny to her. This was my best Christmas so far :]



Wow, Christmas was ridiculously fun. Usually when I spend it in Germany all we do is go to church and go to sleep. But here we waited until midnight just to hug everyone (about 40 people) and wish the a merry christmas.

This is what I wore for the festivities.
What I wore: Turtle neck from Walmart , houndshooth dress and tights from Forever 21.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Refusing to conform = )

Well, I decided that I wasn't going to change the way I dress at all. No matter how conspicous I may look. Do you think it's wrong to think something looks bad in a different part of the world, or does is tacky just tacky wherever it is? I happen to think the second one, but would lovew to hear your opinions. Today's outfit was based on Asian street style. Since I don't really thinbk I can pull off the extreme outfits I just clashed some prints which I think gave the outfit an intersting look.
What I wore: Dress worn as a shirt from Loveculture,belt from C&A, skirt and tights from Forever 21.

P.S. I'm enjoying Mexico very much!

The Winter Band Concert ♫

This is a picture from my first high school band concert. I'm not the one in the front, I'm in the background. And if you wondering what I'm wearing its our uniform for concerts. Its not really a dress, its not even a shirt and a skirt. Its an embellished top, and these enormous wide legged pants made to look like skirts. I actually love the pants, but the top is atrocious. I'm also wearing my red glasses. The girl in the front actually found them for me and gave them to me because she thought I would like them. So I share them with her.P.S.
That girls is one of the funniest, kookiest, people I know. She's a good friend, and she always gives me constructive criticisms on my outfits. And she is learning very well. She's even starting to tuck in her T-shirts like I do! And Stephanie, if your reading this,thanks. Merry Christmas!!! Happy holidays everyone!


Saturday, December 20, 2008


Yesterday, I went to the airport. I thought it would be an inaproprite time to attract attention, so I went with something simple. It´s kind of Henry Holland-esque, which I like. Though to me this is a very boring outfit, I still go a lot of stares once I arrived to my destination. Well, I´m not sure what I was expecting, considering I am at a little town in the middle of nowhere, Mexico. Not that this is a bad thing, I like that every one knows eachother, and they all ask me my grandmother´s name and have them nod knowingly. At the moment the "trendy" people wear Hollister, American Eagle, etc. I hope to change that.
What I wore: Shirt from a street vendor in Las Vegas, skirt from American Apparel, tights from H&M, and belt from Forever 21.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Nerdy Ballerina!!

Tuesday I was inspired by ballet, something I used to do for four to six years, I cant remember. But I ended up looking really nerdy with this pair of glasses I found on the chorus room floor. they're even my same prescription, which is amazing. they're a bit scratched up but I don't mind at all. they look great. And for the entire week I have been wearing my two pearl necklaces simply because I love the vintage feel they give the outfit. Also I have been wearing the hair pin Gabriel gave me for an early Christmas. Thanks Gabriel! So here is Tuesday's outfit, enjoy :

What I'm Wearing: white puffy tu tu like American Eagle Skirt, Black and white layered Tights, heather grey V-neck from Target, Black American eagle cardigan, AA glasses I found on the floor of the Chorus room, antique store necklaces, gold and pearl hair pin.

So that's the outfit. And one more thing. I officially have a MAJOR crush on this PERFECT guy [not gonna name him...] who likes all the same music, dresses appropriately, and is super hot. <3


Monday, December 15, 2008

Edna Mode

Well today i was inspired by Comme des garcons menswear s/s 09. I got the greatest stares, some tacky hispanic ladies were staring at Renata and I for at least an hour and thinking we don't know spanish, they conversed about our "poorly dressed selves" in spanish, i understood all of it and was having a very difficult time containing my laughter (being from Peru i know spanish fluently). While I was at the mall a police came up to me asking me if i was ok, i'm not sure what he meant by that. Some little kid came walking up to me and his mom pulled him back and told him to "leave that strange boy alone". I was quite happy when i got to barneys, some nice employee recognized that i was trying to convey cdg and and asked if my shoes were yohji yamamoto and said he has seen me on the internet somewhere, so if your reading this right now, I liked you jacket =).

Yay for shorts over pants!!!

What I'm wearing: American Apparel cardigan, shirt from Zara, brothers tie, shorts my little cousin left at my house 2 years ago, jeans from H&M, and the shoes lack a label.
Ava is wearing a pencil skirt from the Salvation Army, two patent leather belts over that [one black and one white], white tights, flats from Payless, a purple t-shirt with a velvet skull on it, two pearl necklaces found at an antique store, a black and white polka dotted ribbon as a bow tie, black and white polka dotted clutch purse, and a black fedora from Forever 21.

What Renata wore: Shirt from H&M, Suspenders from Hot Topic, Bow from Forever 21, skirt from H&M, tights from Forever 21, shoes from Payless.

 Ava's purse is really cool. We call it "the Mary Poppins purse" because as you can see it is extremely tiny, but it fit all her makeup, her glasses, her money, and her cards. It was so funny watching her having to pull everything out from it to find stuff. Renata and I had to look inside it to make sure it really wasn't magical. I still have my doubts.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Rei Kawakubo

This is Gabriel writing,
I would just like to tell you about what my dream world is like. In my mind, I am best friends with Tavi (from tavi-thenewgirlintown.blogspot.com) and I go to Anna Piaggi's house for tea and cake, and Rei Kawakubo is my grandmother and she also lives in my closet and produces clothing for me, and Agyness Deyn is my shopping partner. Speaking of Agyness Deyn and Anna Piaggi, I had this dream were Renata, Ava, and I went to Anna Piaggi's house for tea and she wouldn't let us in without hats and she gave me this hat that looked like a flamingo and that she had this car that was really a huge peacock. I also had a dream were we went shopping in target with Agyness Deyn and all she did was complain that everything was far to expensive and she buys all her clothes for 20 cents. Isn't my subconcious lovely?
Anyways todayI went to Renata's guitar recital. She was the announcer person and I heard some lady talking about her appearance, it was something like this "who does that girl think she is", her husbands reply: "yeah, what's that thing on her head, does she think we're at some funeral or something?", lady again:"poor child, it's a shame she can't be as fashionable as us"
The lady was wearing a horrible ed hardy jacket with ugly jeans and uggs and her husband wore the same thing but it was an equally horrible ed hardy t-shirt with ugly sneakers. Anyways, I received my Comme des Garcons for h&m jacket and nearly had a heart attack, you shall all be seeing it quite a lot in my outfits, i'm not wearing it in this picture however because i wasn't aware i had it 'till i got home. Oh, I'm leaving for Shanghai and Beijing on Monday so i'll be purchasing a camera so you can all see me on a regular basis, but I will be posting, pictures, quite a lot this week. I'm ridiculously excited for China, I'm going to the Comme des Garcons store and Maison Martin Margiela and I'm hoping to find some Henrik Vibskov items since I couldn't go to the store when I was in Copenhagen, and i've been saving up money so i can actually afford stuff. Well i'm wearing my h&m(not cdg)side-zip jacket that i folded and pinned to like this, cheap monday jeans, and my lesbian hiker boots that i adore, and an american apparel t-shirt

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Excuses, Excuses

We would all like to apologize for the confusing mess we have created, but we believe that the best way to present our blog is as a collaboration. That way we don't fight over Paula (photographer) or cause some other brouhaha. We hope this confusion doesn't turn you off our blog because we do work hard and really appreciate our readers.

Now apart from my ramblings, yesterday we attended our old middle school's band concert. It was rather exhilarating. I was the only one dressed a bit casually. Gabriel was wearing all black and side-zip jacket. He looked a bit generically-trendy (but in a good kind of look-book-esque way). Ava looked like a porcelain doll that was a cross between Balenciaga and Liebermarlene.

Oh and the reason for the lack of posts/pictures was my sister's camera keeping.

I wore this on Thursday, it was my favourite outfit of the week and thought you should see.
What I wore: Striped shirt from H&M, suspenders from Hot Topic, scarf from H&M, skirt from Forever 21, blue tights from H&M.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I don't have much to write. I wore this Monday. Sorry, but I've been so busy studying, and working hard trying not to get an F on my grades. My GPA is already low. So heres the outfit. Sorry I don't have pictures for Tuesday and today (Wednesday), you can blame Renata for that, especially because I wore a new skirt in a really nice outfit Tuesday. Today I just wore a T-shirt and jeans. Nothing at all special.
What I wore- salvation army vest and pencil skirt, Forever 21 tights and ruffle shirt, Payless high heels (not pictured) and a black patent leather belt.

I look a bit funny here. Don't laugh because my hair is not done. Well you know, I think I will say something. I contribute so much to this blog, and I'm really unhappy that no credit goes to me. It's always "Renata's blog" and I feel sad. Almost like people like her better. This blog is fun, but I think it's giving me confidence issues. Gabriel even says that whenever I write something else on one of his posts, that people stop commenting. It's like they're the stars and I'm not, and we
all work hard on this blog. It kinda hurts... Oh and Monday I had a panic attack. That was an out-of-body experience. Pretty freaky. Well yeah. Write me stuff...


Picture Time!

Yesterday Paula and I went to the park to take pictures. It was a rather exciting day, first I won a jar of Nutella and then my photographer (Paula) and I were harassed by middle-school children. Photographed by Paula Rondon.

What I wore: shirt from Forever 21, suspenders from Hot Topic, skirt from American Apparel, red tights from Forever 21, lace tights are from Payless, and shoes are also from Payless.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Days slipping away

These past couple of days have been a blur. I feel like I really haven't had time for anything! Why is it we choose not to work diligently in class all semester like we are supposed to, but instead "happily" cram everything into the last couple of weeks before we change our classes (Ava and I have blocked scheduling). Because society is lazy, me included. But on a happier note I found this dress at a Loehmans that I wish I could say belonged to my grandmother (Somewhat believable) but that would be lying, and we are not fond of lying my children, are we now, no. I'll stop my babbling now.
What I wore: Lace dress from Loehmans, skirt from American Apparel, belt from Forever 21, and tights from Target.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Alices Adventures in Wonderland

Gabriel writing,
Well today was exciting. Ava and I went to the salvation army, i purchased nothing but Ava got quite a lot for $15, and we all took pictures in the lovely park next to Renata's community, there quite lovely. I hope you're not all getting sick of hearing lovely, it's one of mine and Renata's idiosyncratic words. Well, being as I haven't posted in about a week, I will be writing a lot so try and excuse my run-on sentences and excessive adjectives. On black Friday, I went on a shopping odyssey going to the Sawgrass Mills Mall at midnight and leaving there at 5 AM and then going to the Aventura mall 'till noon, basically 12 hours of shopping. I got these gorgeous boots that i so lovingly call my "lesbian hiker boots"/. There basically glorified dr. Martens, but there black with black patent leather insets and mesh-like paneling with faux fur at the top (not in a tacky uggs way). I also got some plaid shirts, more shoes, black jeans, and that sweater i wore during our recent photoshoot at the Barneys co-op opening. The sawgrass mall was crazy and the 50% off section at urban outfitters was frightening, as was this 2 story forever21 that opened in the Aventura mall. I won some ugly tote bag and some lady that doesn't even like forever21 won 300 dollars, but i gave the tote bag to some girl and she nearly cried.

Spontaneous Photoshoot #2

So today we did our usual and hung out around the park and the Commons (a nick name for the shopping center in our town everyone uses) and we felt a great need to take pictures, we did and here they are. We hope you enjoy them. We can write afterwards what we wore if you really want to know. Also in another tangent, Ava and Gabriel went shopping all morning at The Salvation Army. Ava got a black pencil skirt, a black and white polka dotted vest, a floral shirt Renata is converting into a skirt, a floral skirt with buttons down the front, and a ruffle top. Also Congratulations to Gabriel for winning 7th chair in the All County high school honor band. Job well done. Enjoy our pictures!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Mean people >:(

Today I got into a little debacle with that child that comments on my clothing. I usually don't care what people say, but for some reason he made me loose my temper. I will be referring to him as kid.
Kid: Why are you wearing tablecloths on your legs?
Me: (pleasantly) they are actually lace tights.
Kid: Are you trying to make some type of fashion statement, because you just look like a clown.
Me: If clown attire pleases me, then by golly I will dress like a clown
Kid: You said you dress like a clown
Me: (loosing patience) Do you honestly find what you wear aesthetically pleasing, or remotely interesting?
Kid: You can't just put big words and think what you're saying sounds sophisticated.
Me: You are not smart.
Kid: Whatever it's not like anyone would look twice at you.
Me: ...
What I wore White shirt from H&M, keffiya from a street vendor, suspenders from Hot Topic, skirt from American Apparel, grey tights from Target, and lace tights from Payless.

Don't forget to ask us any questions you might have for us.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Another cold front

Today was rather cold, 54 degrees! For a Floridian that's ridiculously cold. I don't know if you can tell but I'm wearing three pairs of tights! That kept me nicely insulated. The reason for my choppy writing is I'm just too happy to formulate flowing sentences. Maybe it has something to do with that one guy that stopped me to tell me how great I dress. No, I think it's something else. What I wore: Houndstooth dress from Forever 21, scarf from H&M, tights from Target (the top layer), and my sister's bowtie worn in my hair.

Close up of the houndstooth dress

Mourning a loss. Literally.

So I have a lot of pictures for you today. The reason I'm wearing all black is because yesterday, I lost two challenges in band, sending me four chairs down! I went from 4th/3rd (we don't know because the piccolo player doubles on flute, and piccolo sits in front of the flutes) to 5th/6th.
I cried until all the sodium from my body was gone and I went limp. So today is my first and only day of mourning, because I'm moving on, and challenging for my chair back. So that is the reason why I wear black. In style, of course. So I have a plethora of pictures to show you today:

These shoes are my pride and glory. Hand me downs from my mom, they are vintage Italian designer (Flora's) shoes.

Another look at the shoes.

These are some amazing tights I found. Guess where? WALMART! I love these too.

What I wore- My Italian high heeled shoes, Walmart "Fashion Tights", AEO black babydoll milkmaid dress, AEO black tie-around cardigan, AEO knit hat.

I'm kinda smiling, I was trying not too but Renata was going crazy and it made me laugh.

So that's my outfit. Enjoy its splendor and mourning glory. And comment it.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


We have 2 new tags! One from SeNaY of Cherries and Berries and another from Maz from Salelover, both lovely blogs . Not only did Maz tag us but she awarded us with the I love your blog award!! Rules: tag back those who tagged you.List 6 unimportant things that make you happy.State the rules and tag/present award 5 other blogs.Leave a comment letting the 5 blogs know they have been tagged.

1. We love getting patronizing stares from random strangers. The best are the death stares aimed at Gabriel from the mother's of small children.

2. We love going to park! For some reason we feel a need to release our inner three-year-old. This usually leads us to the swings and to picnics.

3. We are quite fond of the environment :) hence the name of our blog.

4. Music. Yes music makes us happy. We all play some type of instrument (Gabriel-clarinet, Ava-flute, Renata-guitar).

5. Scaring little children, None of plan on having kids... except for Renata.

6. Positive comments!
For the blogs we've tagged/received the I love your blog award:S of modern Guilt, Lee, kvestelser soultanggg and Sam Congratulations!

Now for my outfit today. Nothing spectacular. Excuse my hair, I believe it's almost time for a haircut.

What I wore: poofy-sleeved shirt from H&M, polka-dotted leggings from Walmart (my deepest regrets to the poor guy that got trampled to death.), skirt from H&M, belt from Forever 21.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Life is full of surprises

Today Ava and I were uberly surprised to find excessively well-dressed girl (below). Our first thoughts when we encountered her were "We must befriend this child. How is it we have not discovered her before?? How can we approach without appearing stalker-esque... Whatever we'll settle with her picture for our blog (which she so graciously allowed)."
Random fashionable girl from our school
Other than our fashionable find today nothing spectacular occurred. My oxfords did cause some controversy but that isn't exactly unusual.
What I wore: Shirt from Forever 21, skirt from American Apparel, white tights from target, hair clip lost in my hair from Sally's, and belt from Forever 21.


Today I just made the desicion I'm going to get out of my grounding, and I'm going hunting for a new guy (too early?). Well here is what I wore today. I'm going to try Renata's approach and not smile. Because thats how I model, but I don't do that for normal pictures so I have two, one smiling, one not. Here it is:

What I wore- AEO baby lace skirt, AEO moccasin flats with a bow, Mom's old vintage belt, heather grey shirt from Target, and a vintage beaded necklace I found at an antique store in Daytona.


So comment my pictures. Do I look angry in the first one?