Saturday, December 6, 2008

Alices Adventures in Wonderland

Gabriel writing,
Well today was exciting. Ava and I went to the salvation army, i purchased nothing but Ava got quite a lot for $15, and we all took pictures in the lovely park next to Renata's community, there quite lovely. I hope you're not all getting sick of hearing lovely, it's one of mine and Renata's idiosyncratic words. Well, being as I haven't posted in about a week, I will be writing a lot so try and excuse my run-on sentences and excessive adjectives. On black Friday, I went on a shopping odyssey going to the Sawgrass Mills Mall at midnight and leaving there at 5 AM and then going to the Aventura mall 'till noon, basically 12 hours of shopping. I got these gorgeous boots that i so lovingly call my "lesbian hiker boots"/. There basically glorified dr. Martens, but there black with black patent leather insets and mesh-like paneling with faux fur at the top (not in a tacky uggs way). I also got some plaid shirts, more shoes, black jeans, and that sweater i wore during our recent photoshoot at the Barneys co-op opening. The sawgrass mall was crazy and the 50% off section at urban outfitters was frightening, as was this 2 story forever21 that opened in the Aventura mall. I won some ugly tote bag and some lady that doesn't even like forever21 won 300 dollars, but i gave the tote bag to some girl and she nearly cried.

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Emilie White said...

Hahaha yeah shopping centers sound crazy right now!!!