Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Mourning a loss. Literally.

So I have a lot of pictures for you today. The reason I'm wearing all black is because yesterday, I lost two challenges in band, sending me four chairs down! I went from 4th/3rd (we don't know because the piccolo player doubles on flute, and piccolo sits in front of the flutes) to 5th/6th.
I cried until all the sodium from my body was gone and I went limp. So today is my first and only day of mourning, because I'm moving on, and challenging for my chair back. So that is the reason why I wear black. In style, of course. So I have a plethora of pictures to show you today:

These shoes are my pride and glory. Hand me downs from my mom, they are vintage Italian designer (Flora's) shoes.

Another look at the shoes.

These are some amazing tights I found. Guess where? WALMART! I love these too.

What I wore- My Italian high heeled shoes, Walmart "Fashion Tights", AEO black babydoll milkmaid dress, AEO black tie-around cardigan, AEO knit hat.

I'm kinda smiling, I was trying not too but Renata was going crazy and it made me laugh.

So that's my outfit. Enjoy its splendor and mourning glory. And comment it.


razielle said...

you look great :)

oddgirldiaries said...

cute again!so comfy!!

Anonymous said...

what a lovely outfit<3 i like your tights

Kvestelser said...

Shoes are amazing! Especially that pair :)

Anonymous said...


Paula said...

I adore the tights and the shoes. They're awesome!