Sunday, January 31, 2010


So couture was pretty much awful and i might review the collections later on in the week since i'm in a rush now (salvation army outing). Chanel was nice even if there was those wierd cullote suits and dior looked like a tranny quinces and valentino was a travesty that i do not want to discuss, and i never even liked the "refined, elegant woman" valentino.
I will definitley review rick owens and cdg menswear since they were actually good. Especially rick, i definitley need to crocodile and fur in my life (i'm being a bad vegetarian).
Anyways, salvation army last week brought some lovely things into my life. The jacket i'm wearing here is particularly eventful and has all kinds of button options. I'm ejoying the ann demeulemeester f/w 09 vibe coming from it but the sleeves kind of scare me. I think i'll just make it a vest or something. I also got a very exciting striped vest that has become a vest with tails which will make its appearance on the blog soon as well as this dress with pleats that now is a vest thing with tails.


d-tailz(i'm sorry, i couldn't resist the temptation)

I'm wearing black pants from somewhere that sells clothes, black patent leather cr. martens, black sweater from cos, black mesh t-shirt from american apparel, white t-shirt whose wherabouts are inconsequential, thirfted jacket, black cardigan that i buttoned amongst the jacket

Monday, January 18, 2010

Title of post

This weather has seriously been an impediment on our outfits. Lately, it has been warming up and the iguanas are no longer in comas on the grass. Here's what we wore on Friday. We have a very exciting project that has been actualized that you shall all know about at some point this week...


wearing a thrifted bouse, H&M pencil skirt , ameoba tights I got for my birthday.

I'm wearing black pants from american apparel(i think), black jacket(with cape) from zara, black drapey jacket from elsewhere(i don't remember), black patent leather doc martens, fringe scarf from h&m
pants do not fit me...
Side view!
I love these shoes and will never take them off! I also have since recieved a haircut and it looks less overgrown...


Paula's wearing Thrifted blazer, F21 shorts, blingasuarous, and patent leather oxfords
(renata writing)I feel as if I shouldn't like these but I do. I tried them on while at Payless and am still contemplating whether or not to buy them.
they're on sale for $5

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hi everyone! I hope everyone is having a lovely day. Well I'd like to comment on this weather we've been having. Living in Florida no one is really used to this so the second it got cold we were all "dear me, now what" And some people claim the sole cause is the tipping of the Earth's axis, but I have a feeling it also has something to do with global warming. Okay sooo before I start ranting, here is what we wore.
I wore a thrifted blazer, thermal tights from target, Payless shoes, pencil skirt from H&M, and Clouche from UO
Katie wore that perfect dress from the Rodarte for Target collection, Target leggings, thrifted cardigan, and a scarf she received as a gift.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year = New Beginnings

Happy holidays everyone!
Well I think I should begin with an explanation of our three month hiatus...
(lists make me feel productive and proffesional)
a) Paula's camera had some sort of meltdown and a new one wasn't accquired until last week but none of us were really here so today was our first opportunity for posting
b) School went insane and decided that it's ok to assign a research paper, double book report(that makes me think of elementary school0, millions of essays, and the french revolution all within the same month
It was pretty unfortunate that this happened because we actually had a large amount of pictures to post that we never got around to. We do however have a rather exciting photoshoot planned which should be up within this month and we have another interesting plan pertaining to the blog which should be cemented sometime in the next two weeks. Renata also got a camera so this allows for more regular outfit posts since we kind of had to wait 'till the weekends to do outfit posts before...

This is what we wore today(first time that it's been below 50 degrees all winter!)
Renata was wearing a hat from urban outfitters, a shirt that her aunt made, an h&m coat, h&m skirt, thrifted white mesh pants and some shoes that randomly showed up in her closet(this happens often)

Why my hair looks this awful is an enigma to me...

cdg a/w 09 anyone?

I was wearing a thrifted blazer that for some reson appears to have major shoulder pads in this picture but it really doesn't have any, two scarves that i knitted that have been intertwined, a poncho that i draped from forever21(it was really scary when i saw them, but they were $6 and some cdg a/w 09 could have come from them)black pants from zara, DIYed arm warmers(if that really sufficed as a DIY) and gloves from hot topic