Sunday, November 15, 2009

Excuse our absences

Hello, now I know what you are thinking these children with their excuses. And honestly we have no reason to excuse being bad bloggers for the last few weeks besides laziness.
Now, before I start ranting, to the point! pushitmagazine. has recently become an internationally published magazine! They have stunning editorials and are one of those artsy magazines the world needs. Here is a taste:

Cover shot by: Barry Hollywood

Model: Karolina Nevia (Fusion NYC)

image supplied by

Friday, October 16, 2009

Saved by the bell

We know we have been horrible bloggers and not posted in a while but sahfkjahfkjakj grr school has been really busy and well midterms an=re coming up soooo yeah not fun.

We decided to have a quick outfit post... enjoy

P.S. excuse my lack of coherency

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Fashion week!

Well, fashion week again! I'm not sure about how i feel about the collections this season, so few were actually good so i'll only write about those but Margiela almost made me cry. It wasn't even cheeky in the margiela usually is, it was just kind of unrefined a hipstery, i'm really hoping Martin Margiela is no longer designing for the label. Yohji Yamamoto was also incredibly disspainting. I just feel like he wanted to make money so he threw in some classic yohji stuff and some commercial stuff and added holes in it just to keep the deconstruction aspect. I'm mentioning Balmain only because this was truley hideous and not even worth showing at fashion week. The clothes lack substance entirely.

The Mulleavy girls present another collection filled with wonderful textures. They continue to refine their collaging technique and this time it returns more deconstructed than ever with plaids and florals thrown into the mix. I love that they have a signature that they use and they are choosing to really refine, this time is their best attempt. The way the have used deconstruction and married all different textiles together creature this amazing menagerie of textures that i would love to see in person. I really don't understand the negative criticism for these girls when people are fawning over Decarnin's shows.
Marc Jacobs

I have mixed feelings about this show, I'll start with it's positive qualities. I liked the color palette, especially after last seasons 80s thing. I think the pants look interesting and the proportions are okay. What i don't like is how Comme des Garcons it is. It's not even like it's Comme des Garcons for any good reasons, Marc just showed ruffles and paired them awkwardly. A CdG show goes beyond ruffles and awkwards proportions, Marc's influences are nowhere near similar and this totally lacks the whit that's always present in Rei's collections, and its just too pretty/feminine. Basically its okay and is too CdG for bad reasons.

London isn't really worth writing about. Luella was eons better than last season but it just lacked the cheek and over the top aspect that characterizes her work. In Milan, Jil Sander left me confused, it was a bit too rustic for me to like it but the frayed edges were nice
Gareth Pugh
Another mixed feelings show, once again i'll start off with what i liked. The pants where cool and i see them selling well and being integrated into peoples wardrobes with great ease. I also liked his venture into this more romantic side of the label and the the construction and materials of the garments are bettwer than ever. I also liked the headpieces, even if they were a bit too Mcqueen for Gareth's own good. Once more, the collection felt too Rick Owens with the cuts of some the coats and the ideas were just not there. While i have never considered Gareth the go to designer for intellectual fashion, he generally has some kind of concept behind his clothes that give them some extra punch (s/s 09), but this season it just wasn't there. Either he was trepidatious about going into this new direction or he just wanted to make retail friendly clothes. It also lacked that theatrical aspect that made people pay attention to Gareth to begin with. This really does make me fear that all the hype he had is soon going to die out and he is no longer going to be relevant. The menswear is not even worth writing about, it was basically womenswear.
Rick Owens

Rick Owens has been refining his aesthetic for season much like the Mulleavy sisters. This season, it takes on this slightly minimalist approach and it really feels completely fresh. Everyone has been taking a stab at the Rick Owens aesthetic and this time, he does something different with it that i was not expecting. This might be my favorite show this season, the play with volume is amazing and creates some amazing lines. I also love this lighter color palette that Rick has been exploring these past two seasons and the accessories are perfect for the show. Has anyone else noticed how Freja keeps getting the best looks at all the collections?

Comme des Garcons

This is my other candidate for favorite show of the season. When everyone goes shoulder pad crazy, Rei pokes fun at the fashion industry by showing us this wonderful collage collection. The construction of those jackets/tops looks incredible, something i must see in person. I really love how she just made jackets out of cut up shoulder pads. I also love the section of the show with all the nude dresses paired with the harnesses, i love the juxtaposition of the two elements and the construction of the dresses looks so interesting. I did indeed go through the Comme des Garcons effect with this collection, every time i see this collection i seem to love it more and more and this basically happens with every single one of her shows. I love it when Rei shows a sense of humor, it's good to know she's not taking herself to seriously, her brand is named "like some boys" after all. My only criticism is that this show wasn't quite the emotional experience last season was, but that might have been her best show since 2000 in that aspect so i'm not bothered by it.
I'll write about Victor and Rolf, Ann Demeulemeester, and Mqueen at the end of the week since i have AP euro awaiting me (that class is killing us)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

How Many Buckets? Of Water.

So we have a theory about or bff margiela we think he is an alien and he lives amongst the icy blue and purple mermaids of Europa (one of Jupiter's moons that is rumoured to contain water.) So remember that season with all of the face masks? Yeah that's because he brought some models from his moon, they are all actually faceless like him, why he is never photographed. This season he decided to take a vacation so he obviously didn't design this collection he even was so kind as to invite Yohji Yamamoto so he didn't design his collection either.

Sorry we haven't posted in a while but school has been killing us. So these pictures were taken in the rain. And after we were cold. I thought you should now. Well here are the pictures =)

Monday, September 7, 2009

Pushing Up Daisies

I won't bother with incoherent babbling today.

Skirt from H&M shirt from target

thrifted blazer, backwards vest from target, marc jacobs vest, zara pants

Thrifted vest, Shirt from? Skirt from Target, socks from payless

we all fall down?

Polka Dot Day!

The weather has been so delightfully grey that we decided to display our extreme happiness by wearing polka-dots! I thought it was rather funny that Katie was convinced she didn't have much for the occasion when when it was the opposite. Paula, our lovely photographer, was also dressed very nice.

What I wore: Shirt and blazer from H&M, thrifted vest and skirt umbrella from the supermarket and socks from payless.
I'm not really sure where Katie got everything but I have a feeling something is from target.

Paula is wearing a skirt from F21, thrifted vest, Shirt from AA and UO cardigan thing

Sunday, August 30, 2009


Well, we have all had quite a busy summer. Expect regular posting again now since Renata is back from Europe and Mexico and I'm back from music camp/Paris and Berlin. We will both write more about our summers and our purchases (Comme des Garcons!) but here we have some pictures we took this weekend. There's quite a few...

I'm wearing a thrifted striped t-shirt upside down, thirfted striped vest, american apparel t-shirt, cheap monday jeans, target vest thing, and shoes i got in Paris. In the other outfit i'm wearing the same shoes, pants, and shirt but with a zara vest.
Renata's wearing a dress from target, leggings from forever 21, DIYd scarf, and shoes from payless. In the other picture she wears the same thing but with my striped shirt or with a vest thing from target, backwards.
I really don't know what Katie is wearing except that her skirt is target.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Lacey bows

Well the reason I haven't been posting very often is because I'm in Mexico! And my posts will be more ummm... scattered until I get back. While I've been here I found a bucket, yes a bucket, full of scrap cloth so I decided to make some bows! I also bought some lace and I haven't decided what to do with it yet, any ideas?.No outfit posts 'cause I was very limited in what I could bring/wear here =( 

Monday, July 13, 2009

Oh my god shoes

Well I usually never buy shoes because I don't know I'm afraid of them or something. But I  came back with 8 pairs of new shoes. I went shopping with my mom and she convinced me to buy 2 pairs and when I got back to my grandma's house and I showed her my buys she remembered  she had a bunch of shoes that she didn't wear any more. Oh and I also got some leather oxfords =)
Shoes I bought Diechmann?

from the same place

shoes my grandma gave me

shoes my grandma gave me

shoes my grandma gave me

leather oxfords!

Okay these are technially not mine but they fit, so I'll be stealing them from my sister from time to time

shoes my grandma gave me

All of them!!!!