Friday, October 16, 2009

Saved by the bell

We know we have been horrible bloggers and not posted in a while but sahfkjahfkjakj grr school has been really busy and well midterms an=re coming up soooo yeah not fun.

We decided to have a quick outfit post... enjoy

P.S. excuse my lack of coherency


Soren Lorensen said...


both of these outfits

good luck with school stuff

Lizz said...

nice! I like the outfits
i understand the whole busy with school thing. It sucks.

Sam said...

I love that dress and shoes!

-The Wish list

Anonymous said...

love the pictures, you guys are great models! and the outfits are fabulous, those yellow boots are awesome :)

Aoife said...

Yeh I know, school is a bitch. I love the dress in the top one, and are those yellow shoes dm's?

Andie said...

still in love with those docs!
pretty awesome quick outfit post if ya ask me
usually a quick outfit post is like an outfit i take a pic at the end of the day in my room, all messed and partially sweaty
you go glen coco! (<--haha meangirls)


ipopheart said...

are those bright yellow converse i see?

Lilee said...

hahha too cool!

Kate said...

Love the pictures and the poses.