Friday, October 31, 2008


I'm probably not going to post anything 'till Sunday or Saturday; I've been sick since Wednesday, but when I post I'll put lots of outfit pictures (basically the stuff I've worn this week)

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Colour War?

Continuing in Homecoming Week, today was colour war which is when every grade is assigned a colour and they see who has the most people wearing that colour. I want to prove how average high school students are extremely unoriginal . Take a look at these pictures... THEY ALL LOOK THE SAME!! Sure they're remotely different but all the people that actually participated in this battle of colour did close to the same thing. They're assigned colour t-shirt shorts/jeans and custom details made by paint.

The Freshman

The Sophomores

The Juniors

And the Seniors

Now to me, Oh lol today some tacky kid whom I don't talk to in my class decided to wear all green for some reason when his colour was blue. Well that isn't the point. He found it necessary to tell me (these are his exact words) "I'm going to be honest with you Renata, I don't like the way you wear your hair or the way you dress..." and more nonsense, but I have to tell you I found this sooo funny because I couldn't take him seriously. I mean what would you do if some child wearing green sweatpants, a St. Patrick's shirt and socks with plastic nike flip-flops were to comment on your appearance??

What I wore: H&M flowy shirt, H&M high-waisted pencil skirt, H&M leggings, and my mothers old belt. (I didn't realize I was wearing head to toe H&M until now.)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I'm not usually forgetful

It's Renata, and today was say no to drugs day, and people were supposed to wear red. You guys are not going to going to believe this... Today at school I was looking around for today's tacky list, as usual, and I found my first contestant, She was wearing baggy red sweatpants, a red tank top, red shoes, some red antenna things and a red boa!!! I mean this whole red thing could have looked cool like the one on But god she looked as if she wanted to look bad and I would have posted a picture of the atrocity but when I was trying to take a picture of her I realize I didn't put back the battery in my camera! So you're going to have to imagine what it looked like.

As for my outfit today, again it was cold, and I don't really have much winter clothing so I'm glad the cold front will be over tomorrow.
What I wore: Long-sleeved shirt from GAP, American Apperal skirt, C&A belt, white lace tights from Payless, and traditional keffieya given to my dad as a gift from when he lived in Egypt.(isn't that random)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Scarves and sweaters in Hawaii. Unreal.

Hey its Ava,
Well this is what I wore for Hawaiian day. I wore an AEO top with a tropical flower that is in water colors , an AEO cardigan, a patent leather belt, an A & F denim skirt, and these tights I told you about earlier in the week that are black at the feet and fade to grey all the way up. Again I'm wearing those Payless flats. They just go with everything, I can't help but wear them so many times. Is it a crime?

A Blizzard in Hawaii.

Continuing with Homecoming Week, we had Hawaiian Day. Due to the weather of 55 degrees (freezing on a Floridian's standards) not many of them went all out. But of course some participated and looked ridiculously tawdry.
This one reminds of a 2nd grader being dressed by his mom to go out for his first birthday party or something, but he begged for a picture (really)
Don't wear you dad's clothes in a way he would.

Tacky and unimaginative, and it was kind of 60 degrees...

Now back to something aesthetically pleasing, today I wasn't feeling too inspired, (though I did get the usual stares.) In a way this is my interpertation of the Hawiian outfit. Well, when I think Hawii I think FLOWERS! and as you can see I'm wearing a floral printed shirt. Wow, I can't help reminding myself of Kenely from Project Runway... "What are you talking about? This is totally hip-hop."What I wore: Floral printed ruffly shirt from Forever 21, DKNY dark wash jeans, hot topic suspenders, and my sister's bowtie from her theater days.

Uggs and cruggs(Gabriel writing)

Well, it's finally getting cold here in Florida, and that can only mean one thing. Uggs. For some reason, close to every girl in Florida owns a pair of Uggs for those like 10 days of cold weather and those things are atrocious. They look so big and clunky and they're so unflattering, why do people like them?? It's even worse when they start wearing them with their stretch cotton pants or school pants sweatpants tucked into the Uggs, and then they pair it up with those tacky Ed Hardy hoodies or Juicy hoodies. Today, however, I witnessed the epitome of ugly footwear, Cruggs. They combine Uggs and Crocs(don't get me started on those plastic monsters) to make these horrible slipper things with that ugly sheep fur crap, I nearly threw up. Oh, and my biology teacher, who wears rainbow tie-dye lab coats even if its not a lab day, wore this thing that I deemed the Patchwork Sweater of Horrors. It was orange and maroon and navy blue and black and forest green and a really awful couch material.
As for me, I wore 4 layers of clothing, being born in Florida 55 degrees constitutes as freezing.
I'll try and get pictures up, but some gypsy(no joke)stole my camera in Copenhagen, so I'm waiting 'till tomorrow so that my dad can let me use his camera. I'll explain my adventures in Europe in some of tomorrows post
This is what I wore today
navy blue blazer, the label is missing, grey knit vest, American Apparel, grey and black scarf, some random store in Amsterdam, blue t-shirt from the Salvation Army, creative recreation shoes, and cheap Monday jeans (I'll post a pic tomorrow)

Monday, October 27, 2008

They're my super heros

Renata here,
Oh Dear, Attending a Floridian High school is just too funny. This week is homecoming week, and everyday there is some type of theme. Today was superhero day. Walking through the halls, while seeing horribly garish superhero outfits, I had an epiphany. I am going to take pictures of random tacky people we see and have a competition for who is the tackiest!! Thanks to Ava (she went up to them) we have pictures (and permission) of our tackiest superheroes!!

The Power Puff Girls (There was a third). So this is Gabriel writing, and I'm writing what i think about each outfit. Umm there not terrible, it could be waaaay tackier.
Mutant Teenage Ninja Turtle. Yay! Seriously, shes like wearing a costume from the kids section of party city to school, and its just so cliched and uncreative, but its to be expected during spirit week.

I'm not sure what they're supposed to be. Now this is concerning. The one in the middle looks like chonga goes superhero.

If only there was words for this...Lol, I'm really concerned about this persons mental sanity. What is that over those rollerblades (yes, they are rollerblades) and please tell there not wearing a biking helmet, god this is like some horrible flashback, I'm having nightmares over this.

Okay now to me (I hope you know I'm finished with the tacky people) and what I wore today. It was superhero inspired, but I didn't want to be too literal. Most people didn't know what I was, and I kept on saying ferocia couture. But the more I look at it the more Susi Bubblesque it seems(which is always a plus)

Shirt from Loehmanns, Skirt from Guess, workout shorts from Mexx Sport, American Apparel leggings, silver belt from C&A in Germany and pointy flats from payless.

A Super day.

Hey its Ava.
As Renata will show and tell you, today at our school was super hero day. When we were taking pictures, we weren't just looking for bad outfits, we were also looking for some normal outfits that were decent. But we'll post those at the end of the week because there are so few. Here was what I wore for today. It wasn't at all super hero inspired because I am my own hero. But I have to admit, I look very nice. These are pictures of me posing by a tree:

A nice view of the entire outfit. Im wearing a n American Eagle Outfitters top, black Forever 21 jeans, Payless flats that have a black plaid print , and Urban Outfitters suspenders.

So thats basically what I wore today. No tacky super hero stuff. check us out tomorrow to see what tomorrow's theme is.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Spot the Bullseye.

Hi, it's Ava.
Well the reason you don't get to see my beautiful face is because I have lost the cord to plug in my camera, so I can't upload the pictures, but I don't know how to upload them anyway (I'm not too tech savvy), so yeah. But today I wore an American Eagle Outfitters top in charcoal grey with scrunched up sleeves, and a low back line, tucked in a pair of AEO super flare, high waisted, extra dark wash jeans, and an ugly silver belt that I wish I could let go of, but it was the only thick belt I had. I should have been stabbed in Target for wearing the horrid thing. Speaking of Target, I bought a few things there today. I'm sure you have all heard that Johnathan Saunders made a line for Target. Lovely stuff. I bought a skirt that looked like it was a piece of art or a stain glass mirror. It was full of primary colors. Beautiful. Maybe you'll get a picture of it from Renata when I go to school tomorrow. Also I bought a pleated dress shirt without a polo collar in the same blue that shows up on the skirt. A bit stiff, but all the same very nice. Not by JS I got a pair of tights which at first I thought to be one pair of grey tights and one pair of black, but when I took them out of the cover and unfolded them, it turned out that they start grey at the very top and fade down toward the feet to black. They were a better deal than I thought! So those were my buys for today, maybe you'll find them on And I'll have pictures of me on here soon, don't worry.

Life in Florida

Fortunately, not many people dress well here. The average south florida high school student wears there charming ensembles of oversized t-shirts, gym shorts in matching colors with flip flops and socks, and this applies to either gender, sometimes an alarmingly ugly outfit is spotted. the other day I saw a rather large girl wearing a charming (I hope your all aware of the sarcasm being used) velour one peice jumpsuit with gym shorts over all the pant segment. Really???? As if velour jumpsuits werent bad enough, why put gym shorts over it????What I wore today: T-shirt from Marshall's, American Apparel skirt, leggings from H&M, My mothers glasses from her youth, Suspenders from hot topic, lace tights from Payless, and belt from the flea market.

close up of the leggings/tights

Saturday, October 25, 2008


Hi readers.
I'm Gabriel, I'm a guy by the way, and I'm straight by the way
I'm a vegetarian, an environmentalist (well I try) and I like to say that I'm smart
some of my wardrobe staples are skinny jeans, even if they've become normal, and my chunky creative recreation sneakers because I adore the juxtaposition(good word!) of them with my usually preppy and my hair, its a permanent accessory
I think fashion is important because it is art in living form, and art shows our finesse as humans
my favorite designers are Marc Jacobs, Balenciaga, even if this season was a star trek mess, in a bad way, Commes Des Garcons, even if rei has those weird cacoon hair things on the poor models, and Christian Lacroix because he is sooooo creative
I hate the tacky suburb I live in, I love getting funny looks from the kids at school for my clothes and hair and if hair straighteners hadn't been invented, I would cry.

*juxtaposition: noun, the comparison between two or more things


Hi I'm Ava. I'm quite eccentric. I'm always myself but in an odd way I'm never the same. Does that make sense? Well, I come from a long line of fashionistas so it pretty much in my blood, not to sound conceited or anything. I always try to be bold, but I also love the girly and retro/ vintage styles. That's basically me fashion wise... so, I guess its Gabriel's turn.


We thought you should know a bit about ourselves, so we are all going to post a personal introduction. Well we are starting with Renata: (she looks angry)
Hi, I'm Renata. My style mostly consists of nerdy inspired ensembles or just plain odd ones. I love it when my outfit has a story behind it, or a story I make up because I feel it corresponds to an outfit. I'll happily tell it to whoever is willing to listen. It bothers me if I wear something I don't like, those tend to be the days I'm in a bad mood. It's a pet peeve. We all kind of dress alike but make it our own. Most of the time we get stares from passer-bys. Well, I guess I would stare too if I saw a cluster of over-dressed weirdoes (that's a compliment btw).


Hello, you may think we are an environmental blog due to our name, but we are a fashion blog. We are 14 and 15. Our names are Renata, Ava and Gabriel. Whether you like it or not, we are sharing our personal views on style. We will post monthly photo shoots, and pictures of paraphernalia that inspire our daily lives. Enjoy.
P.S. that's not Gabriel