Sunday, October 26, 2008

Spot the Bullseye.

Hi, it's Ava.
Well the reason you don't get to see my beautiful face is because I have lost the cord to plug in my camera, so I can't upload the pictures, but I don't know how to upload them anyway (I'm not too tech savvy), so yeah. But today I wore an American Eagle Outfitters top in charcoal grey with scrunched up sleeves, and a low back line, tucked in a pair of AEO super flare, high waisted, extra dark wash jeans, and an ugly silver belt that I wish I could let go of, but it was the only thick belt I had. I should have been stabbed in Target for wearing the horrid thing. Speaking of Target, I bought a few things there today. I'm sure you have all heard that Johnathan Saunders made a line for Target. Lovely stuff. I bought a skirt that looked like it was a piece of art or a stain glass mirror. It was full of primary colors. Beautiful. Maybe you'll get a picture of it from Renata when I go to school tomorrow. Also I bought a pleated dress shirt without a polo collar in the same blue that shows up on the skirt. A bit stiff, but all the same very nice. Not by JS I got a pair of tights which at first I thought to be one pair of grey tights and one pair of black, but when I took them out of the cover and unfolded them, it turned out that they start grey at the very top and fade down toward the feet to black. They were a better deal than I thought! So those were my buys for today, maybe you'll find them on And I'll have pictures of me on here soon, don't worry.


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