Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Need a smile?

Finally something theatrical, lately most runway shows have forgotten that they are simply that. A show, merely for entertainment. I don't know about you but I prefer something outrageous rather than something wearable. Obviously, they have to have something (not necessarily shown) to sell, but when I watch a fashion show I want to be wowed like in Agatha+Ruiz+De+La+Prada. She has a lot of references to Dali, with the ants, eggs, crutches but she didn't make it gloomy or dark. And those tights are delicious.

On another note, my outfit, we've mentioned that we have been really into DIYing, I turned the floral skirt into a_puff skirt.
What I wore: Flowy shirt from H&M, black tights from a drugstore, puff skirt I made (originally from Salvation Army, and the ribbon from a craft store.

Close up of the skirt

Monday, April 20, 2009

Cage skirt

Unfortunately I had misplaced my camera, thus my lack of posts. But in other news I made this amazing cage skirt( because I'm too cheap to pay $89 for a cage+skirt) Instead I just bought one from AA and cut it up myself (yay for DIYing), I'm in love it is my new favorite piece in my wardrobe. What I'm Wearing: lace ruffled top from F21, DIYed cage skirt from AA, and a black dress from Target.
What I wore: Dress and tights from Target, DIYed cage skirt from AA, belt from F21.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

photoshoot #something

Well we found some totally magical lake behind Katies house, she has a blog, it's in our sidebar, semi-fashionableontuesdays. It was fun, since we didnt really try to do anything and just kind of like laughed and did stupid stuff, which is basically what we do normally. Oh and Renata and I have mildy cohesive outfits for once.

Lol at me in the third one, like all of them actually.

Saturday, April 4, 2009


My sister decided to cooperate today and let me pick out her clothes, this as you might assume this excited me, seeing as my sister is(or was it's too earlys to tell) somewhat of an aberzombie. so this is the outcome. (yes my clothing, her's doesn't meet my fancy)

What she's wearing: plaid dress from H&M, vest from the lucky pack, black boater I made, and spectator flats

Close up of the boater

What I wore: polka-dotted pants as a circle scarf, white t-shirt, poof skirt I made, and polka-dotted leggings.