Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sometimes, mice are welcome

Mice dinkles (marching band shoe's proper name lol), you've got to love them, my legs don't usually look like that but whatever. Basically, we've all been doing quite a lot of DIYing. I'll try to get pictures of them later this week since I've been wearing a lot of them non stop. The hoodie from the last post is begging for detail shots so I'll have those up too. Anyways here's the outfit I wore on Friday, I basically love it, clashing prints, crayola colors, shiny, bow ties, it's all good. I'm getting a camera some time this week so outfit posts will become regular.

Oh fashion week was kind of horrible, talk about boring. I got into fashion, well sort of, in 1st grade when i accidentally turned on fashion network and saw that Mcqueen collection with all the birds, as a little child I was obviously entertained by the show, that collection was and this season, the collections were clothes coming down a runway, not shows. I miss that. I did love CdG, Tao, Rodarte, Mcqueen, and Gareth Pugh (needles!). I'll do an actual fashion week post later.

What I wore: Drop crotch pants, grey socks, marching band shoes that i painted to look like mice, thrifted button down, thrifted vest, Renata's sister's bow tie from when she was in drama, american apparel black lame hoodie, necklace thing that Paula made for me(partially).

Thursday, March 26, 2009

photoshoot #4(i think)

So DIYing is taking over our lives, i'll expatiate more on that later in the week. Enjoy these pictures. As usual, taken by Paula.
outfit details:
Renata: Red dress she found folded in half, black t-shirt, target, american apparel skirt, white tights from forever21 black tights from a drug store. Her sister's white gloves.
Me:DIYed neck thing(Paulas idea, there's a werid doll thing in the middle, it looks like a voodoo doll!)DIYd hoodie worn upside down(originally american apparel, we have an outlet here, its cheap enough to be subject to sloppy DIYs) We were considering selling these DIYed hoodies, thoughts on that? Creative Recreation boots, white pants from h&m, marching band t-shirt worn inside out, i lack basic t shirts. New glasses! totally love them, they were $15, and there my perscription. You can all ignore my hair in the first

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Thrifting extravaganza

My lovely thrifting finds:

close up of the pants

Can you believe that before this weekend I was a thrifting virgin, yeah I know, this is very unexpected. So I was very excited to wear my wool skirt. =)
What I wore: Ruffled shirt from Forever 21, Suspenders from Hot Topic, thrifted skirt, and whitish tights from Walgreens.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

In Honor of Fashion week

If fashion was a high school, our life would be very interesting. You know that scary superintendent that would come to school once a year and have everyone running around frantically? Anna Wintour. Karl Lagerfeld would be the school principle. Then as the students, Agyness Deyn would be that really popular hipster girl and Henry Holland would be her best friend. Henrik Vibskov is that un-bathed pot head that hangs out with them (if you're reading this, which I doubt, your totally in my top 5 fave designers, so no offence). In class you have Ms. Von Furstenburg, shes that wise, nice teacher everyone goes to for advice and such. Then you have Rei, she's the french teacher that no one understands but no matter her lack of sanity intrigues those artistic children. Then Anna Piaggi is that art teacher that frightens you and wears all those ponchos, of course Anna Piaggi doesn't wear tacky ponchos, but you get the analogy. Gareth Pugh is that kid wearing all the black that doesn't really have friends since he is way to busy making some complex origami structures out of his napkin and some aluminum foil. Which brings us to Maison Martin Margiela, he would be that frightening exchange student that doesn't speak, or show any other human emotions for that matter. Then the Mulleavy sisters are those artsy girls and Stella Mcartney is that really annoying vegetarian activist girl. Kate Moss was the popular "it" girl in middle school, but every one's over her now.

Sorry for the lack of outfit posts, and posts in general. we've been overwhelmed with work, and the fact that we just finished our hardest chapter in math doesn't help either. I've been really inspired as of late. I'm really into Ann Demeulemeester and Rick Owens(yeah, I'm a bad vegetarian, leather, sue me, its Rick Owens) and looking at past Comme Des Garcons collections. Which obviously doesn't help my black, white and grey detox, but hey, its still cold right?
Well I made some crappy collages, all pictures are from

I absolutely adore this, how it begins all light and turns into overdressed old men (a good thing) is simply genius. Is this some type of interpretation of how over time innocence is lost over time and the airiness of life slowly slips away? Or am I just crazy. Another thing that baffles me is how is it she comes up with this, does she decide: Yes, yes I think an old man theme will be appropriate now. Just wow, there are no words for this, Gabriel and I were gawking at this for about three minutes before we could conjure Susie Bubble'sUhh, umm, deep breath, sigh."

It is amazing what can be done with feathers, draping and air.

I love the Edwardian touches found throughout her collection. The sense of balance Ann created was also breath taking.
In other news, since when hot topic specialize in knock off Chanel tights?

Ava also started her own blog style aberration (don't worry she isn't leaving intreegue) check it out!