Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Thrifting extravaganza

My lovely thrifting finds:

close up of the pants

Can you believe that before this weekend I was a thrifting virgin, yeah I know, this is very unexpected. So I was very excited to wear my wool skirt. =)
What I wore: Ruffled shirt from Forever 21, Suspenders from Hot Topic, thrifted skirt, and whitish tights from Walgreens.


E said...

Those high-waisted shorts rock my socks!

Lauren said...

ZOMG, the stuff you found is amazing!!!
I'm still jealous of you for that ;)
I'll see you on thursay!

Anonymous said...

You have nevr thrifted before? In my crappy small town I can spend weeks hunting for anything to catch my interest and you find all that in ONE WEEKEND!!! Good for you, I wish you luck in your future thrifting conquests!
p.s You look very nice in your skirt.

Anonymous said...

i love that ruffled shirt!

Parapluie said...

Great things!

Amelia said...

Wow, a thrifting virgin. I am rather surprised. Great finds! The wool skirt is wonderful with the suspenders.

Chester said...

Oooo.... Delightful!

Laroux said...

The print of those pants is so irresistably '50s


Fayoona said...

thrifting is the awesome. and you are rawkin' those suspenders.
SOS-er fi xx

giggleness said...

gorgeous thrifting finds :)
that wool skirt looks amazing on you!

Andie said...

awesome possum finds!
you've never thrifted before?
i thought you were one of those peeps who did
ah well, lovely outfit :)

Chloe said...

omg high waisted shorts are amazinng!!! so wish i had a pair!
I love your skirt =)

The Clothes Horse said...

Fun finds--I can't believe you haven't been thrifting before!

Mary said...

LOVE your outfit, and that you found so many skirts! I can never thrift skirts in this area, they're all sooo long.