Sunday, May 2, 2010


As you might know, we did a photoshoot a while back where we used a giant egg which we made. We later thought it would be a nice compliment to make a giant bird nest. We made this bird nest but, my mom threw it away so we had to make another one which hindered our ability to get around doing this photshoot.
It was a lot of fun to do this and we sort of brought our entire closets over to Katie's house and dumped it in her room and played around with some outfit.
Everything knit is coming from the etsy store(the collars and shoulder pieces aren't up yet) and so are the white hair clips.
There's quite a lot of them, but they're hopefully aesthetically pleasing enough to keep you interested.
I'm too lazy to write out what we're wearing because everything has too many layers and there's just too much clothes. Assume everything store bought is H&M, target or forever21. Anything else is thrifted or DIYd.
I find it amusing that we did this in a very public area. The passerbys were very confused.