Saturday, February 28, 2009

I can't exactly think of anything right now

I attempted to make this outfit more interesting by wearing two pairs of tights (sadly I don't own any two-toned tights). Though I think this only accomplshed a casual outfit.

What I wore: T-shirt, white belt from C&A, skirt from Forever 21, black tights from H&M, grey tights from Target

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Oh Paris, please come soon

Well, I see i haven't had an outfit post in awhile, which is unfortunate since i've been doing some exciting things with my circle scarf(margiela shoulders, without any CD cases, ahh the joy of moving my arms) and I've succesfully been able to make myself look like i have 4 arms, i will definatley be wearing this sometime this weekend so Renata(or Paula) can take a picture.
Well so far, apart from Peter Jensen, I've been really unimpressed with London. I nearly cried when i saw luella, especially after last season Sundays best on an acid trip collection, which is like impossible for me to take inspiration from but thats unimportant.
So my favorite collection in New York were, Marc by Marc Jacobs(the mens stuff was amazing, you all must agree), even the hiking boots were just plain ugly, Anna Sui, and RODARTE!!!!!!!!!!!!
But seriously, my body needs Paris. Rei, Yohji, Gareth, please save me. Yes i'm calling them by there first names, since im best friends with them in my dreams
Rodarte was just life, the close ups reveal lace combines with this weird paper like thing and knit wear and leather. And who doesn't want to wear knits with like totally insane thigh strappy leather boots, thats simply how knitwear is done.
blah blah runway pictures, i'll do that when i still don't have 5 math assignments left and study for 2 quizzes. Sleep deprivations fun

Mardi Gras

In my school the Italian club though it would be just dandy (I'm in the Italian club) to have a Venetian Carneval/ Mardi Gras celebration So therefore we were all sent to make masks, and encouraged to wear costumes. Me being the obedient child I am made a lovely mask that I recently noticed is a bit creepy, but that's okay I like it any way. Well this is Gabriel writing on Renatas post, and I'd like to mention that Renatas mask horrifies me and looks like that gareth pugh collection with the white makeup and blue lipstick that gave me nightmares.

What I wore: Mask painted by me (sorry this mask is totally irrelevent to this outfit), ruffled shirt from Forever 21,Suspenders from Hot Topic, Pencil skirt from H&M, and tights from Target.

I thought I should add another outfit picture, one that is less terrifying. And this outfit I wore today.

What I wore: Dress and tights from Forever 21, and black tutu from Hot Topic.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Best of the Week

So, here are some of my outfits from the week. I actually wasn't lazy this week and did well. For the past month I've been in a haze, so my good creative outfits were scarce. But this week I got my mojo back so here are the only two pictures I have :So here I'm wearing my Dragonfly purple skull shirt, My new plaid vest in black,purple, and white, white cotton lace AEO skirt, black tights I found in my house, and my new giant black belt.
And this sideways picture is of my H&M peter pan collared black button down, My new black belt, old bubble skirt, and black tights.

To complete this outfit, put on an angry face, and yell at your sister because she can't take a picture without making it blurry, like someone had fogged up the lens. Grrr... But that's alright we got a decent one out of the billions of pictures she took.
Even though its sideways... Well Ill post more tomorrow. Adios, los elephantes en el pecina se quieren sus maracas. HAHA.


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

100th post (Caution: long post)

So this is our 100th post, although that might be slightly inaccurate considering how many drafts we have, but close enough? Today we have been tagged by Kelly from One Kid Left in Atlanta, Andie from High Voltage and Chester from Zebra stripes and Runaway Kites.
Now for the rules:
1. Put the logo on your blog or post.
2. Nominate at least 3 blogs which you think are fabulous. Elisa from Floral, Paisley, Ribbons and Lace, Ana from Silver Wings, and Yiqin from Qin at the Disco.
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And for my outfit, aside from all of this you get a story from me today! I know how you feel, all of this may be overwhelming, a story and two tags!
What I wore: Floral Ruffled top and shorts from F21, tights from Target.

Well while Ava and I were being diligent little children and brainstorming on ideas on ideas for a fashion club we are trying to start in our school a mob of 12 year olds (not the cool kind) surround us, and start to speak to us.

Tacky chonga girl: Your hair used to be long, what happened?

Me: I cut it.

Tacky chonga girl: Ooooooh, so are you guys ballerinas?

Me: Yeah

Tacky chonga girl: Really!?!?!

Ava: no...

Tacky chonga girl: Then why are you so dressed up? (because being a ballerina is totally relevant to dressing well.)

Ava: We just like fashion.

Tacky chonga girl: What fashion?
Then me and Ava just looked at each other. By the way this girl was wearing Cahokia, skin-tight Brazilian pants, baggy navy blue polo, Reebok shoes, and giant hoops with her name illegibly inscribed in them. Silly kids.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Totally Worthless

Okay, I have to apologize for neglecting posting, that is really bad of me. I just hate to post without pictures, because most people don't read the posts, they look at the pictures. Well I also have another apology, this one goes out to the entire Intreegue crew, I'm really sorry, and I know I was throwing a bit of a hissy fit, and I feel like an idiot. Can you forgive me (again for closure?). I don't really want to explain that, maybe in a later post. But this isnt all about apologies. This is a time to celebrate. I found out my camera works with my new computer! So more outfit posts!!! I would post one now, but I'm in Pjs and my hair looks like crap. But here are a few pictures from my camera. Yeah, that weird boy is gabriel in our first days, before Renata. We were Abrezombies then. We learned though. There is also my family, were my hair looked REALLY ugly, my sisters freak friend, a pretty bird, a picture of Puerto Rico from the plane, and last but not least, me in my early model wannabe days. Huh, not bad. I have many more entertaining pictures, but that has to wait for later. bye now!

- Ava

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Apparently, my "uniqueness" befuddles people to the point that they feel obligated come up with theories on how I have come to be (this is all referring to the way I dress). My favorite being: That I have elves ling inside my closet constantly making clothes for me. I only wish. For this outfit I was basically playing off the whole doll/little girl motif.

What I wore: Dress from Loveculture, vest from the lucky pack, tights from Target, frilly socks from Forever 21, and Shoes from Norstrom.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Spontaneous photoshoot

This is Paula Rondon by the way, she takes our pictures (the good ones anyway). I find it really funny that were all wearing wintery outfits and it was like in the upper 60's. The shoes i'm wearing are the ones that the buddhist monks wear, i saw the monks in a buddhist temple and thought that there shoes looked really tao and i loved the shape, so i found a place that sells them and got them for about 50 american cents. Well I'm wearing a vest from China, it has super cool shoulders it was a really interesting shape, sorry for not having any detail shots and Renata's jacket has those little marching band loops. Well i'm wearing drop crotch pants from China, cardigan from american apparel, gingham button-down from urban outfitters, the shoes that the buddhist monks wear, bowtie from my band uniform, and my marching band gloves (the clarinets cut the fingers off), pin i made out of felt and googley eyes(its a really lopsided heart) and Renatas wearing a dress and jacket from forever21, white tights from target, shoes from norstroms and a vintage neckalace.

Posing fail

I attempted to change the usual pose in my picture, I'm not really sure I like it, but whatever, the point is to see the outfit, no? And I am quite fond of this outfit. I was feeling whimsical :)

What I wore: Shirt from Forever 21, dress worn as a skirt from H&M , suspenders and tutu from Hot Topic, belt from C&A, tights from Target, and Shoes from Nordstrom.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Oh Britania!

Hello dears, Sorry I haven't been posting lately and have been a bit behind on comments. But I've been somewhat busy and I'm still figuring how to organize my time as well as possible. I do have a lot of outfits I want to put up, so I will be doing so when possible. Here my inspiration was one of those proper old British men. What I wore: Shirt from Forever 21, Vest and necklace from the Lucky Pack (more talk about this to come), skirt from AA, Tights from Target.
Close up!