Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Mardi Gras

In my school the Italian club though it would be just dandy (I'm in the Italian club) to have a Venetian Carneval/ Mardi Gras celebration So therefore we were all sent to make masks, and encouraged to wear costumes. Me being the obedient child I am made a lovely mask that I recently noticed is a bit creepy, but that's okay I like it any way. Well this is Gabriel writing on Renatas post, and I'd like to mention that Renatas mask horrifies me and looks like that gareth pugh collection with the white makeup and blue lipstick that gave me nightmares.

What I wore: Mask painted by me (sorry this mask is totally irrelevent to this outfit), ruffled shirt from Forever 21,Suspenders from Hot Topic, Pencil skirt from H&M, and tights from Target.

I thought I should add another outfit picture, one that is less terrifying. And this outfit I wore today.

What I wore: Dress and tights from Forever 21, and black tutu from Hot Topic.


E said...

Awesome. Loves Gareth Pugh and his creepy make up choices.

Ava said...

Renata, in the top picture you look like jigsaw. just sayin'.

Chloe said...

I love the top picture!