Friday, January 30, 2009

Scarves are everyone's best friends

Remember how I said I found balance in my classes? I spoke too soon though I think I'm getting better at organizing my time, I hope I didn't jinxe myself again. On a fashion related note. It's been somewhat cold lately, An I decided that that didn't neccesaraly have to be a bad thing (I'm not one for cold weather) and came up with this outfit.
What I wore: Shirt from Walmart, scarf made by my aunt, skirt from Guess, tutu found in my little sister's costume box, tights from Target, and belt from C&A.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Busy bee

I know I haven't been posting lately but my new classes seem to be much more demanding. But I think I'm getting a better balance, so I should be posting regularly. Well, over the weekend I did what I like to call extreme shopping. The only reason I would call it extreme is because I had to come through the the mall. I was rather successful.

What I wore: red bow belongs to my sister, black ruffled shirt from Forever 21, skirt from American Apperal, tights from Target. (Can you see my bow motif?)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Robot space penguins are people too

Gabriel writing,
I'm sure you've all seen our wonderful pictures from our random photoshoots. We do quite enjoy them, this ones purpose was originally to get a good picture of Ava's outfit for the weardrobe chuck taylor contest, but we submitted it in wrong or something and it never worked out. Anyways, the setting was totally amazing and the lighting was great and we were all wearing lovely outfits, so Paula just took pictures of all of us. I must say that the group photo is totally vogue editiorial worthy. My sartorial inspiration for today consisted of pointy margiela shoulders, tuxedos, weird phantom of the opera/magician tailcoat or tuxedo ensembles, gareth pugh horrifying pointy wtf perfection, and penguins. I think my end results was quite nice and i acheived my robot space penguin re-done tuxedo look i was going for, my inspiration collage is to the right by the way. I quite enjoy wearing CD cases as shoulder pads(I'm sorry Tavi, i will allow you to hate me and write an extensive post about how horrible i am stealing your genius ideas)but there simply is no other way to acheive big pointy margiela shoulders. I have no idea what to do in front of a camera, in fact i hate having my pictures taken which is ironic being as this is a fashion blog, so i just kind of stared at the camera. Ava actually knows what to do and i just kind ask Paula, but it never works out. Ava and I got the most exciting glares and stares, my favorite was of this one lady that went up to me, looked at me, went away and came back and looked at me, then left.

Well here's what i wore the day of the photoshoot, except for the hat, im trying to not make it a signature, but it worked so well with the outifit: panda hat, chinese street vendor, black lame jacket, american apparel, black vest, american apparel, tuxedo shirt(you can't see the pleating, but i though it added to the Gareth pugh element), random thrift store, bowtie, from my band uniform, drop crotch pants, store in China called 5cm, creative recreation boots

Monday, January 19, 2009


Please enjoy yourselves with our third spontaneous photo shoot, pictures by the magnificent Paula Rondon.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Bring on the Night

Well hey there, I'm back!
Sorry for being nonexistent, but I have been very busy trying not to fail my classes. Well last time I saw you I had longer hair, but I cut it all off. I feel so free. My life has been progressing in the right directions and all is well. My new classes are great, mainly because I'm not taking Spanish any more. I know some people think that is a mistake, but I for one do not. Instead I wanted to take Journalism, but the class was full, so I was lucky enough to get the last spot in T.V. Production. And it's first period too so I won't miss much if I do happen to fall asleep. Yes all seems well. Also I think I will no longer have to worry about failing, because I will be studying more often. So yesterday Renata, Gabriel, Paula our photographer (who took these lovely pictures), and I all did another large photoshoot for the Weardrobe Chuck Taylors [Converse] contest. This is my best outfit up-to-date. And you will just get a sneak peek because I have already put my pictures up on LookBook. The entire photoshoot will be posted later explaining what we are wearing, so I won't be saying anything about that here. Enjoy this little treat!


Friday, January 16, 2009

We're back

Sorry for my lack of posts, but this week ava and I had finals (Gabriel had midterms). So that kept our hands quite full. Well, this is an outfit I wore this week. Sorry for the bad quality picture, I blame th lighting.
What I wore: ruffled shirt from Forever 21, shorts from Mexx Sport, skirt from Guess, belt from C&A, and white tights from Target.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Comme again?

This is Gabriel everyone. You can all ignore the super lame title.
Well i haven't posted in quite some time, not having a cameria is quite the inconvenience. Well happy new year and happy holidays. Over winter break i went to China, that was exciting. The grocery stores are like walking into pet stores, theres jellyfish and bullfrogs and turtles. I went to the comme des garcons store and martin margiela store, i almost had a heart attack. I tried taking pictures in the comme des garcons store but the lady told me i wasn't allowed. All the workers wear the clothes and they look so cool, i totally wanted to buy everything, but the cheapest things were from play and $12o for a t-shirt is not very reasonable, even though Rei Kawakubo designed them. My most exciting purchase was my panda hat, i received strange looks wearing it today. Someone asked me if they could touch it and cars would slow down as they drove by me. I also bought drop crotch pants and this big knit pod/caccoon. I actually don't know what it is but it quenched my henrik vibskov knits obsession, oh the shoes that the buddhist monks wear, i thought they looked like tao. China is quite exciting, hardly anyone in Shanghai knows english and there not very familiar with the word hello and just say good morning at all times. The street vendors are quite familiar with english, and quite a few know spanish, its quite shocking, they also never leave you alone.
(please excuse my horrible collage making)
I realized that Renata and Ava basically never post any runway stuff or street style stuff, and being as i have far too many street style/runway pics on my computer, you get lots of henrik vibskov, comme des garcons, Alexander Mcqueen, Gareth pugh, and marc jacobs in the next few days. Sorry for the awkward post set up, i don't exactly understand how to get the picture in the middle of the post and im in the midst of studying for finals so i shall save that for later.

Heres what i wore today: pants:h&m(they need altering), black lame hoodie(yes im wearing two jackets, a long sleeved shirt, and a furry hat in florida)American apparel, polka dotted hoodie:h&m, white shirt:Zara, bow tie: came with my band uniform, Black oxfords(not visible): some store in China called 5cm, hat: street vendor lady that nearly attacked me to get me to buy it

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Labor Day??

Some girl came up to me and told me I shouldn't wear white after Labor day. Wouldn't it always be after Labor Day? What a thought, I happen to think it is better not to follow along those "rules" because that way people are surprised, and we all know Renata needs to surprise people.

What I wore: White shirt was a gift, blue shirt from H&M, Shorts from Loehmanns, and tights from a drugstore.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I had no clue there were so many ways to get a scholarship (random thought of today). I got a lot of compliments for today's outfit. I am not sure not why. It looks like a lot of the things I wear. What I wore: Shirt from Guess, skirt thrifted, belt from C&A, shorts from Mexx Sport, and tights from Forever 21.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Returning to the routine

I am now back in Florida. It might just be me but I feel -how to word this- umm... heavy almost for coming back to everyday's rut. But let us talk of a happier subject, todays outfit! I found this jacket thing in my closet and I kind of like it (though the colour in the picture was distorted and looks somewhat gross) it has a few round studs and such paraphenalia around the collar and until today, thought it was too bad ass for me.
What I wore: Ruffled shirt from Forever 21, shrunken jacket thing from somewhere in Germany, skirt from American Apparel, belt from Kohls, grey tights from Target, and lace tights from Payless.