Friday, April 16, 2010


This was said in the last post but, i will talk about it in more detail here.
We get bored easily so one day we bought yarn to expirement with which turned into us making these really long rope things that we would wrap around like scarves or harnesses. We then had the idea that these could be sold on etsy and we then started making these collar things out of the yarn so we then decided to actually make a store. Yay!
Here we have some pictures we were going to use for the store to advertise the products(hence the less ornate outfits)that for some reason never made it on there and Paula won't disclose the information.

We will be adding more pictures and the collars on here as the week progresses so these aren't the finalized products

All the scarves are between 10 and 12 feet long. The pictures on the store show them more as neckalaces since it is spring and it seems more seasonally appropiate but they can be wrapped tighter to be more scarf like. They are all $15 and we're trying to figure out how to make it so that you can get two for $25.

And here we have some pictures we took in the woods(more like the Everglades). We were slightly horrified when doing these since the chances of getting attacked by some predatory animal were rather high.

Katie's wearing grey tights from target, a skirt from target, a white t-shirt and two scarves from the store
I'm wearing a scarf from american apparel, a thrifted vest, thrifted shorts, american apparel sheer shirt, and some irrelevant cardigan from mysterious origins

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Dramatic posing

Hello children. Lately we've been excessively cohesive without trying to so expect a deluge of outfit posts this week. We've been in the midst of developing a huge project these few months that was officially finalized today, the formal unveiling on the blog will be tomorrow. Is my tension building appreciated?

here's an amalgamation of obnoxious and normal pictures of our outfits.

what we're all wearing:
katie: thrifted vest and shirt, target skirt, target socks that were tights but she's 6 feet tall and those would never actually be the appropiate length, payless shoes(she's wearing heels to be obnoxious) and self made collar
Renata: Target dress, thrifted lace dress underneath, forever 21 belt, payless shoes, bowtie as bow
Me: upside down jacket that has been highly contorted, thrifted vest, socks of mysterious origin, payless shoes, thrifted mesh shirt, thrifted shorts
I'll do some more extensive coverage tomorrow, but we're all itching to post it. The collars(like katie's here, these knit shoulder pads and the pleated one i wore two posts down)will be added tomorrow.
We knit everything and this is basically a product of extreme boredom over winter break and it blossomed into an etsy store!