Sunday, May 24, 2009

Napoleon back from exile...again

Once upon a time, Napoleon and one of his shipmates decided getting out of exile in Saint Helena would be easier than getting back from Elba

So they built a boat and with high hopes were off.

There food supply was limited, but that didn't stop them.

They worked tirelessly, well his one person crew did

But what is this? They didn't seem to be getting anywhere. What could possibly have gone wrong?

Their sanity started to lessen as their food did.

But then Napoleon had an idea, his only hope for survival...

But where's Napoleon?

And they all died.

The End

Monday, May 11, 2009

Math tests call for parties

Today I debuted the ruffly lamè cuffs I made, and this amorphous blob thing I also made. hah! I quickly regretted all these layers when I stepped outside and it was 90143e45348 degrees out. Oh well practicality has never really been my specialty. So basically lately we've been super into DIYing and are considering selling some of them on etsy. Any thoughts? What I wore: Dress from F21, shirt thing I made, tights from Target, and the lamè cuffs I made.

Close up of the cuffs