Sunday, November 30, 2008

Cirque Du... Intreegue??

Well today I attended the wonderful Cirque Du Soleil, and it was rather amazing. I was in complete awe of how creative they are with the items they incorporate into their routines. In honor of such a spectacle I based my outfit today on Cirque Du Soleil. Of course nothing close to as elaborate as what they have.
I'm very jealous of this skirt

Ridiculously overdressed, me?? never. For some reason my mother said I was excessively overdressed. You would think she'd be used to the way I dress by now. Oh well, she'll adjust eventually. I also wore out for the first time my new favorite shoes :D
What I wore: Shirt, skirt and headband from Forever 21, tights from Target.
New favorite shoes from Nordstrom

Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday

Today we had a mall extravaganza I went at normal hours (1:00pm) while Gabriel somehow managed to stay the entire night starting from 11:20pm to noon. I'm kind of jealous, I wish my parents would let me go mall hopping (Gabriel went to 2 malls) all night. What I wore: cabbage dress from Forever 21, skirt from American Apparel, belt from C&A, polka-dotted leggings from Walmart, blue leggings from H&M Close up of the tights/leggings

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Another Adventure

Gabriel writing,
so this is what I wore yesterday, I went to starbucks with Renata but we ended up taking a picture in publix by the tacky christmas shirts that my geometry teacher wears. I was supposed to be wearing a real bowtie, but that ended up failing, so we made one out of that paper stuff in shoes, which is kind of gross now that I look back on it. Oh and my shoes were $9 =)

Well I, along with most everyone in the blogging world, love Comme des Garcons, and living in poor deprived Florida, I could not attend the h&m with CDG collaboration collection launch. Well, being as the guys stuff was kind of boring, and too big for me, i really wanted a black deconstructed jacket, and was fortunate enough to get one off ebay for $185.89, so I should be getting that soon enough, because all Floridians need black wool jackets.

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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Eh-mah-gawd Saboomafu!

So you might be wondering what Saboomafu is. Well its the nick name Gabriel and I use for Renata's little sister. Well Renata's little sister got angry at her and didn't let her use her camera, so she couldn't take pictures. Which is horrible cause I wore a reeeeeaaaly nice outfit. So I wore these vertical pin stripped, flare legged, A&F, blue and white pants, A white 3/4 sleeved shirt from Target, my mommy's old belt, and this amazing necklace I found at a antique store in Daytona. And my mom got me a new hat today!! Its pretty cool, and you'll see it in a picture later. since I feel bad that you don't have a picture of my outfit, I'll just show you a couple of the things on my way to big on my wish list.
There is A LOT more, like a hundred more items, but these are just a few random ones I picked.
I know I wont get everything, but I LOVE Urban Outfitters so I like pick every item up from the store and try to buy it. But its just a wish list. So, just a couple of announcements.
1) comment me!

- Ava

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Black friday??

Today I was inspired by tavi-and by inspired I mean copied her whole wearing a dress as a skirt. Do you think I pulled it off? Oh and today I discovered that they had ridiculous sale thing the day after Thanksgiving. When Gabriel heard I was unaware of this tradition I was greeted wtih questions like: Do you live under a rock?!?! I'm not really sure how it is I never heard of this because now I'm seeing it everywhere.
What I wore: poofy sleeved shirt, and plaid dress H&M, belt from C&A, tights from a drugstore.

Monday, November 24, 2008


Wow that last post got our most comments to date! I'm glad everyone liked it. We are actually in the process of putting together a photos shoot, but don't count on that anytime soon because there is a lot that needs to get done. Now for an even more recent matter, today. I had an urge to tuck in a dress to a skirt so I did. I can never resist my clothing urges.(yes, yes I'm aware I look a smidge bit upset in my picture.)

What I wore: Dress from Loveculture, skirt from H&M, belt from C&A, purple tights ?, and lace tights from Payless.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Fridays call for pictures

I wouldn't call this a photo shoot because it was only semi-planned. I would consider it more a creative way to showcase what I wore today. These pictures were taken by the magnificent Paula Rondon. Who also came up with the name of this blog.
What I wore: Shirt form H&M, vest from Mandee's, scarf from H&M, belt from Forever 21, leggings from American Apparel, tights from ?, skirt from Forever 21.

Check out under this post!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Thank Gawd It's Friday!

This is what I wore Friday. Don't have much to say. I hate that Renata took the picture with my jacket on but whatever. I broke up with my boyfriend today. There was a football game and it was kinda fun... Just not the best game ever. So comment my outfit.

What I wore- dress is AEO,tights AA,china flats AEO, jacket AA.
Look its my flute!
Comment my picture!
And that one under this post. I worked on that outfit for weeks!


Thursday, November 20, 2008

40's Thursday!

Thursday! Well here is what I wore today. hope you like it. I wanted to wear the denim vest I made but it was too cold.

Payless flats, Urban Outfitters skirt, Old belt from my mom's bag of old clothes, Target white V-neck, AEO cardigan.
Comment this picture! It took me weeks to perfect this outfit. even if you don't see it with the vest.


Thrown together

Today my progressing sickness made me feel quite tired I won't bother with my symptoms (there are plenty) so I kind of just threw my outfit together. It isn't your average I'm sick and don't give a crap look so I guess it works. Definitely simpler than what is to my liking, but what are you going to do?

What I wore: shirt H&M, belt Forever 21 (yes, I wore it yesterday, and plan on exploiting it to the fullest), and pants from my mother's closet (I'm rather fond of her pants from her youth).

Close up of the pants

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Under the weather

Ugh, I'm developin a cold, and it is somewhat upsetting. But I felt a little better when I saw these tights in school today. I realize my posts are getting shorter and shorter, but just bear with me I'll soon go back to my regular babbling self.
What I wore: sweater from Khols, Shirt from ?, Keffiya from a street vendor in Germany, tights and belt from Forever 21

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Turtle neck... Why not??

Today we were fortunate enough to get a half day -I'm not really sure why- but I won't question it. The weather today was really nice it wasn't as cold as yesterday, but instead yummily refreshing. I did't wear those shoes to school I just thought it happened to look better for the picture.

What I wore: Turtle-neck from Walmart, dress from Marshall's, leggings from H&M, and shoes from DSW shoes from Saks fifth Avenue.

Akward Moments

Well here is what I wore today because I thought it was cold. Renata took the picture on our way to third period, and I was caught by surprise when she took the picture, because I really don't see her in the hall ways. Well its not a bad picture, but my bangs are blown to the side because of the wind. I look kins funny don't I?

What I wore- A&F jeans, my awesome new belt from the bag of my mom's old clothes, My moccasin/ loafer like flats from AEO, T-shirt with water color flower design from AEO, scarf from AEO, blazer from Forever 21.

Don't forget our Bib & Tucker contest!!! No one has entered yet :( and we're all sad. Comment! Bye!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Cold front...again

Ahh, today the weather was rather cold ( from a Floridians point of view). Today's outfit doesn't really have a story. But I do think you should know I lovingly call this dress the cabbage dress. (just in case I ever mention it) What I wore: Sweater from Takko, dress from Forever 21, belt from Kohls, skinny jeans from Urban Outfitters

Victorian goes to the beach meets Raver?

So this is what I wore today. Yeah the first picture is my silly pose :) So here it is:

Silly me. I look like a Victorian that goes to south beach and meets a disco raver. Gabriel gave me the inspiration for this outfit, so kudos to him.

What I wore- A Forever 21 tier halter, and AEO grey and white striped shrunken hobo cardigan, navy blue AEO floral printed beach shorts, and my fading tights from target, and AEO china flats.

I have no idea what this is..... Renata? Well ok, its cool. I think it's something of Renata's. She is quite the artist. (actually this was made by Damian)

So thats what I wore. My first day back to school In like a bazillion years. I was tired so I didn't do my normal make up routine. Hope I still look okay. I went to my old middle school Falcon Cove and I got pulled aside by an administrator, and she told me "Honey, I love that you come here and all, and I know that what your wearing is dress code at Cypress but when you come here you need to be in dress code." I thought she was talking about my shirt so I told her "Um... ok. If you want I can close my sweater and no one can see my shirt." She looked at me funny then said "Oh, no honey, it's your shorts. They are too short for a middle school. Next time come in middle school dress code." I gave her a mean look then walked away. I always get criticized for what I'm wearing. It's too flamboyant, it's too short, it's too long,it's too tight, it's too baggy. I get compliments too, but only from people that understand me. The other kids give me weird looks like I have an arm growing out of my head. I wish people could be more open to being fashionable. Just upsets me some times. Yeah, I rant a lot. It's my Thaaaaang. Well, don't forget about the Bib & Tucker logo contest, see details in a post below. You gotta look for it. And we need your help. Comment meeeeee! Well see ya!


Sunday, November 16, 2008

One more thing.

I was going through pictures of people attending fashions shows and found a few that dressed really nicely and creatively. Take a look:

All of them had their quirks. Just thought I should add these. They looked pretty cool. They all have stuff I would wear. So enjoy.


Bib & Tucker Clothing!

First off I'd like to apologize. Renata told me yesterday that I come off a bit conceded on my entries. Well I don't mean to sound that way, even if I do. Being conceded is Gabriel's job not mine (hee! hee! just kidding Gabriel). Well I put up pictures in an earlier entry during the week. It's under my best friend Paul's guest entry, that is under the mime photo shoot entry. So comment those pictures! Well I'm not here to tell you to comment my pictures, I'm here to talk about Bib & Tucker Clothing. As you may or may not know, Gabriel and I (not Renata) own Bib & Tucker Clothing. It used to be a T-shirt company like House of Holland or a really bad Baby Cakes mimic, but we're transforming it into a vintage clothing retailer. You know, how like Banana Republic started. We'll go thrifting and then sell the stuff we find there. Wash them before we sell, of course.
We don't have anything in stock, so don't go crazy now. But we will put a post announcing the grand reopening of Bib & Tucker clothing. And don't worry, it's an online store. Well since we are restarting Bib & Tucker, we need a new logo. So if all you creative people out there could maybe think up a new logo for us? Remember, we're a vintage clothing store. The winner will get to pick one of the first of our stock and keep it! YAAAAY! Bib & Tucker is spelled with the & sign. So if we get anything that says Bib and Tucker, it's not eligible to enter. So here is your list of things to to do:
1) go comment my pictures :)
2)go create a logo for Bib & Tucker Clothing using vintage inspiration.
Well bye, bye now.


Saturday, November 15, 2008

First photo shoot!

Okay so this is our first photo shoot, well more of pictures together, so bear with us. We had a myriad of problems. First of all Ava couldn't attend which was quite the detriment to us seeing as we can't exactly model, or smile (though we hope we will improve). And it also rained when the lighting got to our liking so that limited the amount of pictures we took. But on the plus side you finally get to see some pictures of Gabriel!
With that said, these pictures were taken by the magnificent Paula Rondon. Gabriell dislikes his hair in these pictures, so he looks angry
What Renata wore: Striped shirt from H&M, Jodhpurs from her mother's closet, suspenders from Hot Topic, Bow tie stolen from her sister, shoes Payless.

What Gabriel wore: His dad's bow tie, suspenders from Urban Outfitters, and striped shirt from AA (american apparel) and black oxfords from somewhere in Paris

And The Moment Finally Came.

Ava here.
So I finally got some recent pictures (taken five minutes ago). I don't get to edit them because this computer doesn't have photo shop but I'll edit them on another computer later. I took these pictures talking to gabriel and our best friend Paul, who will later do a guest blog. He's not as fashionable as us (you now it's true Paul) but he pays attention. he just dresses so he's comfortable. Well finally some pictures of me and not Renata. Well I feel bad you don't get to see my modeling talents in these photos but they show you the outfit. When I have someone else to take the pictures for me I'll do some modeling okay? Well this is the outfit I wore to the new japanese restaurant my dad and I found. Simple just to run errands but it ha the ultra gnarly belt I found in a bag of my moms old clothes. Also its the first pictures with my new haircut that I cut myself. It's a bit messy but thats how I like it.

This one is the closest I could get so you could get an overview of the outfit. AEO hobo cardigan, AEO navy blue shorts, the awesome brown belt, and my white sport V-neck.

The belt and those weird oval links and the twirly detail.

My pretty new haircut!

So you got to see everything I put together in an outfit this week. So hope you enjoy the pictures and there will be more to come from now on. Promise!! Be critical okay? Ugh I feel bad not editing these and just putting up bad pictures in general... No makeup, no poses, not edited... Well it's the best I could do right now.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Just to fill in the blanks...

Hey its Ava here.

So my mom came home from another work trip. And just in case you were wondering where I got this amazing fashion sense or why I wear so much American Eagle it's because my mom is the regional manager for American Eagle Outfitters. I'm so proud of what she does.Well anyway I didn't wear anything special today because I was just around the house so that part doesn't matter. I'm going to do a Gabriel and tell you all some meaningless stuff. Well yesterday I thought it would be nice to surprise my mother (with something she really gets upset when I do) by cutting my own hair. I don't know why I did this, I just knew my mother wont like it but as always I want to show her I know better like all teenagers and prove her wrong. Well I did. My hair looks great. Some mistakes here and there but I don't really see them and I like the way my hair looks. My hair cut before it grew out had straight-ish bangs, before they got so long I couldn't see and had to put them to the side. Then I blindly cut the back to try to make it V shaped if you can visualize that. Well It didn't completely end up that way, but close enough. It is very much my style and looks much more flattering than putting my bangs to the side. And my hair looks a bit blonder than usual which is a good thing because I look at the pictures I put in older posts and the red hair brings out the redness in my skin. Which I hate. But I like the red hair too... It's a no win situation. But I like the fact that my hair is fading a bit. It does that. I' a chameleon all around. When I go from different temperatures my skin changes color, when my mood changes my eyes change color, and when the seasons change my hair changes color. Its a bit annoying because then people think I just want to dye my hair blond. Well, I do. I want to dye it platinum. I think it would look nice with my pale skin. But then again it could do something unexpected like the red hair and wash me out. But you gotta' try first.
On a different note I'm going to talk about another of my favorite topics. Music. I'm going to educate all of you in good music. And good music is my parents music. No Lil Wayne or Miley Cyrus, more like Nancy Sinatra and The Clash. I have a couple play lists for you guys to enjoy. This is not even CLOSE to the amount of music I have on my Mac in my game room/office. But it gives you a good picture. Some of it is my parents music and some of it is up-to-date bands. I use these play lists on my myspace page :) so bear with me. I think I have three for you. Just listen and be open. AS my once gansta' but now living in a stupid suburb sophisticated dad would say, "Don't Hate". What I mean is, keep an open mind, this is for your education in good music. I'll do what I can to save the country from bad music.