Thursday, November 27, 2008

Another Adventure

Gabriel writing,
so this is what I wore yesterday, I went to starbucks with Renata but we ended up taking a picture in publix by the tacky christmas shirts that my geometry teacher wears. I was supposed to be wearing a real bowtie, but that ended up failing, so we made one out of that paper stuff in shoes, which is kind of gross now that I look back on it. Oh and my shoes were $9 =)

Well I, along with most everyone in the blogging world, love Comme des Garcons, and living in poor deprived Florida, I could not attend the h&m with CDG collaboration collection launch. Well, being as the guys stuff was kind of boring, and too big for me, i really wanted a black deconstructed jacket, and was fortunate enough to get one off ebay for $185.89, so I should be getting that soon enough, because all Floridians need black wool jackets.

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christina said...

Thank you for your comment!
I love that look above it is too adorable! The massive bowtie is great.

Kvestelser said...

Thank you for the explanation, I have sorted it out in my mind now! And, allright, I get that it is a flat leadership, etc. The shoepaper-bowtie is... interesting :)


very cute bowtie!!!

ginny said...

thanks so much for your compliment on my really made my day! (i don't know which one of you is it, but thanks anyways haha)

that outfit is fantastic. i wish i knew a guy in real life who dressed like this.

and i wish i could have a scanner to draw a logo for you guys...i'm not that great, but i have super neat cursive, if that would have helped.

SOS! said...

cuuute bowties. i really must start wearing mine! SOS-er fi xx

Paula said...

I really do love the bowtie.

It's eco friendly