Friday, November 14, 2008

Just to fill in the blanks...

Hey its Ava here.

So my mom came home from another work trip. And just in case you were wondering where I got this amazing fashion sense or why I wear so much American Eagle it's because my mom is the regional manager for American Eagle Outfitters. I'm so proud of what she does.Well anyway I didn't wear anything special today because I was just around the house so that part doesn't matter. I'm going to do a Gabriel and tell you all some meaningless stuff. Well yesterday I thought it would be nice to surprise my mother (with something she really gets upset when I do) by cutting my own hair. I don't know why I did this, I just knew my mother wont like it but as always I want to show her I know better like all teenagers and prove her wrong. Well I did. My hair looks great. Some mistakes here and there but I don't really see them and I like the way my hair looks. My hair cut before it grew out had straight-ish bangs, before they got so long I couldn't see and had to put them to the side. Then I blindly cut the back to try to make it V shaped if you can visualize that. Well It didn't completely end up that way, but close enough. It is very much my style and looks much more flattering than putting my bangs to the side. And my hair looks a bit blonder than usual which is a good thing because I look at the pictures I put in older posts and the red hair brings out the redness in my skin. Which I hate. But I like the red hair too... It's a no win situation. But I like the fact that my hair is fading a bit. It does that. I' a chameleon all around. When I go from different temperatures my skin changes color, when my mood changes my eyes change color, and when the seasons change my hair changes color. Its a bit annoying because then people think I just want to dye my hair blond. Well, I do. I want to dye it platinum. I think it would look nice with my pale skin. But then again it could do something unexpected like the red hair and wash me out. But you gotta' try first.
On a different note I'm going to talk about another of my favorite topics. Music. I'm going to educate all of you in good music. And good music is my parents music. No Lil Wayne or Miley Cyrus, more like Nancy Sinatra and The Clash. I have a couple play lists for you guys to enjoy. This is not even CLOSE to the amount of music I have on my Mac in my game room/office. But it gives you a good picture. Some of it is my parents music and some of it is up-to-date bands. I use these play lists on my myspace page :) so bear with me. I think I have three for you. Just listen and be open. AS my once gansta' but now living in a stupid suburb sophisticated dad would say, "Don't Hate". What I mean is, keep an open mind, this is for your education in good music. I'll do what I can to save the country from bad music.

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