Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Vintage Wednesday?

Today has been a good day. Not only did Obama win, but I was complimented for my cool pants. I want to say vintage pants except they're from like the 80's maybe 90's, I'm not sure and would not want to mislead anyone. Unless you can consider things from the 90's vintage which I kind of doubt. Remember that guy I mentioned, that told me he didn't like the way I presented myself (hair/clothes) well, that person has found amusement of pointing out the "abnormalities" of my outfits, which in a way makes me feel good because that way I know my outfit is not boring or generically trendy. But to make up for this guy's act was this girl on my bus that told me that everyday I always wore something new, eccentric and always pulled it off. That filled me with so much euphoria I didn't know what to do about it.

What I wore: poofy-sleeved shirt from H&M, white vest from Bershka, red belt from Italy, and my mom's old pants from Guess.

Close up of the pants

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