Monday, November 10, 2008


Ava here.
I'm finally posting. Well, I guess marching season is technically over, but I still can't find enough time to write!!!! I feel AWFUL!!! And that's not just because I have been neglecting the blog, but also because I'm very, very ill. Heat spells and puke and sore throats that wont let you swallow, it's like death. I haven't eaten much because I can barely swallow, and if I do get the food down I end up well.... you know. Also I can't sleep even with the huge amount of unmeasured medications my mother is giving me. I won't accept any more medication because it hurts to swallow and I'm also afraid of over dosing. So I haven't slept in a while either. Some luck. But by Wednesday I will be back in school (Renata Bring your camera?) and hopefully back to normal. The only thing keeping me alive is the Twilight series. This my first time reading it and it is AMAZING! I was very reluctant and hesitant before but now I'm in love!Also I have many pictures on my camera I want to upload (some pictures of Gabriel) but I can't even figure out how to do that. Well I'm done writing I guess. Bye then and wish me luck!

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