Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Well, today we took pictures, or at least Renata and I, dressed up as mimes. My hair's kind of bad (yes i have an unhealthy obsession with my hair) in them because it rained and i got slightly wet, and my outfits a bit more simply than it would usually be, but it's a good representation of me until i can actually post real pictures.
Even though it's totally random, I'm going to talk about the trip i had in Europe over the summer. For 8th grade, i went to a random prep school (North Broward Prep) and it had a lot of other sister schools. Over the summer they had a band/choir trip with kids from the Arizona school, Las vegas school, LA school, the school i went to, the Orlando school, and the Mexican school. On the trip, we went to London, Amsterdam, Vienna, Salzburg, Geneva, Copenhagen and Brussels, and in Copenhagen we were performing in the main city square, so when i finished my friends and I headed off to H&M. When we were going there was a huge group of gypsies along the road with all the stores and as a group of 100 kids and 20 chaperones all wearing these horrible periwinkle nylon jackets, we attracted quite a bit of attention. The gypsies followed us for quite a while and in the end stole my cell phone and camera, 1000 Danish Krones from a teacher, 100 Euros from another student and another chaperones camera. So that's why i dont have a camera and can't post pictures. Oh and a random naked, drunk guy came over during our performance and told us to stop the music, it was quite amusing.
Oh and the H&M line CDG line is out, i want like everything, even though I'm 5 foot 3 inches and none of it would fit me, but it's amazing. Oh and i'm going to Shanghai and Beijing over the summer, does anyone know any good places for shopping?

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