Saturday, November 15, 2008

And The Moment Finally Came.

Ava here.
So I finally got some recent pictures (taken five minutes ago). I don't get to edit them because this computer doesn't have photo shop but I'll edit them on another computer later. I took these pictures talking to gabriel and our best friend Paul, who will later do a guest blog. He's not as fashionable as us (you now it's true Paul) but he pays attention. he just dresses so he's comfortable. Well finally some pictures of me and not Renata. Well I feel bad you don't get to see my modeling talents in these photos but they show you the outfit. When I have someone else to take the pictures for me I'll do some modeling okay? Well this is the outfit I wore to the new japanese restaurant my dad and I found. Simple just to run errands but it ha the ultra gnarly belt I found in a bag of my moms old clothes. Also its the first pictures with my new haircut that I cut myself. It's a bit messy but thats how I like it.

This one is the closest I could get so you could get an overview of the outfit. AEO hobo cardigan, AEO navy blue shorts, the awesome brown belt, and my white sport V-neck.

The belt and those weird oval links and the twirly detail.

My pretty new haircut!

So you got to see everything I put together in an outfit this week. So hope you enjoy the pictures and there will be more to come from now on. Promise!! Be critical okay? Ugh I feel bad not editing these and just putting up bad pictures in general... No makeup, no poses, not edited... Well it's the best I could do right now.

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Anonymous said...

Ava lady, I don't like you,or your attitude, your posts sound like an advertisment and that is why no one comments you