Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Akward Moments

Well here is what I wore today because I thought it was cold. Renata took the picture on our way to third period, and I was caught by surprise when she took the picture, because I really don't see her in the hall ways. Well its not a bad picture, but my bangs are blown to the side because of the wind. I look kins funny don't I?

What I wore- A&F jeans, my awesome new belt from the bag of my mom's old clothes, My moccasin/ loafer like flats from AEO, T-shirt with water color flower design from AEO, scarf from AEO, blazer from Forever 21.

Don't forget our Bib & Tucker contest!!! No one has entered yet :( and we're all sad. Comment! Bye!


Alex said...

Actually I really like this picture, it looks natural. Nd the blazer...it's life.

Lux said...

So jealz about your balenciaga-esque blazer.

fazed-girl said...

Nice blazer... and glasses.

oddgirldiaries said...

i love the blazer!