Sunday, November 16, 2008

Bib & Tucker Clothing!

First off I'd like to apologize. Renata told me yesterday that I come off a bit conceded on my entries. Well I don't mean to sound that way, even if I do. Being conceded is Gabriel's job not mine (hee! hee! just kidding Gabriel). Well I put up pictures in an earlier entry during the week. It's under my best friend Paul's guest entry, that is under the mime photo shoot entry. So comment those pictures! Well I'm not here to tell you to comment my pictures, I'm here to talk about Bib & Tucker Clothing. As you may or may not know, Gabriel and I (not Renata) own Bib & Tucker Clothing. It used to be a T-shirt company like House of Holland or a really bad Baby Cakes mimic, but we're transforming it into a vintage clothing retailer. You know, how like Banana Republic started. We'll go thrifting and then sell the stuff we find there. Wash them before we sell, of course.
We don't have anything in stock, so don't go crazy now. But we will put a post announcing the grand reopening of Bib & Tucker clothing. And don't worry, it's an online store. Well since we are restarting Bib & Tucker, we need a new logo. So if all you creative people out there could maybe think up a new logo for us? Remember, we're a vintage clothing store. The winner will get to pick one of the first of our stock and keep it! YAAAAY! Bib & Tucker is spelled with the & sign. So if we get anything that says Bib and Tucker, it's not eligible to enter. So here is your list of things to to do:
1) go comment my pictures :)
2)go create a logo for Bib & Tucker Clothing using vintage inspiration.
Well bye, bye now.



Anonymous said...

CAn it be like any logo?? Or does it specifically have to be a little design you put on everything?

Ava said...

It can be any logo, not like a little moose or eagle thats our signature, but like a logo for the company that hast the name (or initials) and s cool design.