Monday, November 17, 2008

Victorian goes to the beach meets Raver?

So this is what I wore today. Yeah the first picture is my silly pose :) So here it is:

Silly me. I look like a Victorian that goes to south beach and meets a disco raver. Gabriel gave me the inspiration for this outfit, so kudos to him.

What I wore- A Forever 21 tier halter, and AEO grey and white striped shrunken hobo cardigan, navy blue AEO floral printed beach shorts, and my fading tights from target, and AEO china flats.

I have no idea what this is..... Renata? Well ok, its cool. I think it's something of Renata's. She is quite the artist. (actually this was made by Damian)

So thats what I wore. My first day back to school In like a bazillion years. I was tired so I didn't do my normal make up routine. Hope I still look okay. I went to my old middle school Falcon Cove and I got pulled aside by an administrator, and she told me "Honey, I love that you come here and all, and I know that what your wearing is dress code at Cypress but when you come here you need to be in dress code." I thought she was talking about my shirt so I told her "Um... ok. If you want I can close my sweater and no one can see my shirt." She looked at me funny then said "Oh, no honey, it's your shorts. They are too short for a middle school. Next time come in middle school dress code." I gave her a mean look then walked away. I always get criticized for what I'm wearing. It's too flamboyant, it's too short, it's too long,it's too tight, it's too baggy. I get compliments too, but only from people that understand me. The other kids give me weird looks like I have an arm growing out of my head. I wish people could be more open to being fashionable. Just upsets me some times. Yeah, I rant a lot. It's my Thaaaaang. Well, don't forget about the Bib & Tucker logo contest, see details in a post below. You gotta look for it. And we need your help. Comment meeeeee! Well see ya!



SOS! said...

i really love the frills on that shirt. victoriana rocks :D
peace out
SOS xx

Renata said...

Lol, Ava you didn't have to put that last picture, I just put it to show Gabriel what I'm going to do for the street painting festival.

Paul said...

Haha, I was there when Mrs. Dempsey pulled you over xD Her look was really concerning...

Anonymous said...

What the heck!!!!!! >_<
That is my painting! NOT RENATA'S!
Renata is very talented, don't get me wrong, but it's my freakin artwork!!!!! >_< (MORE MAD FACES)
It's mine, Mine, MINE!!!!!!