Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Dreary days...

So I'm still sick, and I've been trying to go to school (mhmm...) but I keep falling asleep late from how sick I am. Today I was sifting through pictures online and I found this very interesting one. The girl is so young but is smoking! And in the background there is a guy on stilts. But I love the dress and the rugged-ness of this picture. It just makes my mind wonder. I also like the girl's watch. So basic. I'm really lucky I found this picture.
Well since we are a relatively new blog we're trying to get our names out there. It's a pretty hard thing to do but I'm so proud of how far our blog has come. I'd be in here more often but marching band consumes my life. Heres a picture of me during our main performance of the year.

This is our last year using these uniforms because we looked a bit dingy next to our opponents. Its not the most fashionable thing, but I still love them. They're like a second home...
(I'm the one that looks really intense in the middle.)
Well I'm done here. Going to nap or finish up my vest. Bye now!


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