Thursday, November 6, 2008

I can never think of names for these.

Today, some of my readers told me I looked depressed in my pictures (friends at school). So I decided I am going to try to smile on my pictures. But I happen to look fake and forced when I do. I mean how do you put on a smile when at that specific moment there isn't anything to smile about? Wow, that made me sound like someone that mopes around all depressed. Well here are some pictures of me smiling :) and another of me all melancholy. Tell me which ones you like better.


What I wore: striped shirt from H&M, crocheted sweater from Takko, belt from Kohls, skirt from American Apparel, and purple tights ? (my mom just gave them to me).


Amelia said...

Lovely sweater. I don't think you ever look depressed.

Ava said...

new sweater?

Renata said...

Nope, unless you consider two years new.