Friday, November 21, 2008

Thank Gawd It's Friday!

This is what I wore Friday. Don't have much to say. I hate that Renata took the picture with my jacket on but whatever. I broke up with my boyfriend today. There was a football game and it was kinda fun... Just not the best game ever. So comment my outfit.

What I wore- dress is AEO,tights AA,china flats AEO, jacket AA.
Look its my flute!
Comment my picture!
And that one under this post. I worked on that outfit for weeks!



Anonymous said...

everything is so shiny I love it!

Amelia said...

Yay for flutes. I like the tights.

Sunset said...

Flute?! Are you a fellow band geek?!

Ava said...

Yeah I play flute in marching band/ wind ensemble. Gabriel and I are the biggest band geeks ever. That flute in the picture is my good personal flute. its my baby :]