Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Why not love the circus?

After yesterday's mime-themed photoshoot, I really, really wanted to wear those jodhpurs. Except today instead of looking mime-esque, I went circus inspired and became the ring leader of my own circus (without the animal abuse).

Picture from Cirque Du Soleil

What I wore: Ruffled to from Forever21, high-waisted pants from my moms cloaset (I don't know if you can tell I was feeling very whimsical today.)

I know what you're thinking: all this ranting about how great these pants are and she doesn't even manage to put up a good picture.


Amelia said...

Great outfit! I love the pants and the 2nd picture. Black and white is always an amazing colo combo.

Anonymous said...

Yay no animal abuse!!

SOS! said...

those peg leg slacks are so so so cool. you do them great justice in the pictures.
peace out
SOS xx