Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Eh-mah-gawd Saboomafu!

So you might be wondering what Saboomafu is. Well its the nick name Gabriel and I use for Renata's little sister. Well Renata's little sister got angry at her and didn't let her use her camera, so she couldn't take pictures. Which is horrible cause I wore a reeeeeaaaly nice outfit. So I wore these vertical pin stripped, flare legged, A&F, blue and white pants, A white 3/4 sleeved shirt from Target, my mommy's old belt, and this amazing necklace I found at a antique store in Daytona. And my mom got me a new hat today!! Its pretty cool, and you'll see it in a picture later. since I feel bad that you don't have a picture of my outfit, I'll just show you a couple of the things on my way to big on my wish list.
There is A LOT more, like a hundred more items, but these are just a few random ones I picked.
I know I wont get everything, but I LOVE Urban Outfitters so I like pick every item up from the store and try to buy it. But its just a wish list. So, just a couple of announcements.
1) comment me!

- Ava


Anonymous said...

These are all amazing!

SOS! said...

we share very similar tastes...
good choices eva, i hope your christmas wishlist comes true.
SOS-er fi xx