Monday, November 3, 2008

Monday...Enough said

Today it felt extremely weird to arrive at school, and have it be illuminated by the sun. For some reason daylights savings made me extra tired. When I am tired I tend not to wear colors (black and white are shades), hence my outfit.

What I wore: Black dress from Target, white belt from C&A, sheer white tights fom a dance supplies store, and keffieya from a street vendor in Germany.


Anonymous said...

OMIGOD!!!! i need THAT DRESS!!!!!!! i say that about alot of things but the fabulousness of that outfit is something i want to acheive!!!!!!!!! ;)

Ava said...

your turning into me again. you know... i was thinking of using your old self as a way to start a new trend... color nerd? ah well this was cute too bad i wasn't at school. I had the perfect outfit. my dad said it was weird so ofcourse it was Avant-garde enough for my style. you have to see it.