Sunday, February 15, 2009

Totally Worthless

Okay, I have to apologize for neglecting posting, that is really bad of me. I just hate to post without pictures, because most people don't read the posts, they look at the pictures. Well I also have another apology, this one goes out to the entire Intreegue crew, I'm really sorry, and I know I was throwing a bit of a hissy fit, and I feel like an idiot. Can you forgive me (again for closure?). I don't really want to explain that, maybe in a later post. But this isnt all about apologies. This is a time to celebrate. I found out my camera works with my new computer! So more outfit posts!!! I would post one now, but I'm in Pjs and my hair looks like crap. But here are a few pictures from my camera. Yeah, that weird boy is gabriel in our first days, before Renata. We were Abrezombies then. We learned though. There is also my family, were my hair looked REALLY ugly, my sisters freak friend, a pretty bird, a picture of Puerto Rico from the plane, and last but not least, me in my early model wannabe days. Huh, not bad. I have many more entertaining pictures, but that has to wait for later. bye now!

- Ava


Andie said...

love the second picture
tagged you guys :)

Kelly said...

first picture cracked me UP!!!!

Anonymous said...

is that bed from crate and barrel?
because then we might have the same bed set! :)
as well as the same audrey portrait (as does a trillion other ikea shoppers)