Sunday, November 15, 2009

Excuse our absences

Hello, now I know what you are thinking these children with their excuses. And honestly we have no reason to excuse being bad bloggers for the last few weeks besides laziness.
Now, before I start ranting, to the point! pushitmagazine. has recently become an internationally published magazine! They have stunning editorials and are one of those artsy magazines the world needs. Here is a taste:

Cover shot by: Barry Hollywood

Model: Karolina Nevia (Fusion NYC)

image supplied by


Clarissa said...

this looks like an amazing magazine! i definitely want to check it out :)

ipopheart said...

such a great magazine....
all of their shots are super unique!!
My favorite is the 6th down

Anonymous said...

i need to find this magazine! Hopefully they sell it where I live.
And I love the make-up in the 5th photo down! I really want to try the lip that she's wearing.