Friday, December 26, 2008

Asleep waiting for Santa

My sister thought it would be funny to take a picture of me passed out from the nights festivities with my head band still on. The bird is actually a Christmas ornament for the tree, given to me as a present from my uncle... odd present, but it matched my shoes quite nicely and brought my outfit a festive and, well, more like something I would do every day feel. Because my parents every year throw a Christmas party with my family, I have to be careful not to scare them with what I wear. I didn't want to just wear a T-shirt and jeans, and my parents and family understand that, but they don't all understand "fashion" yet. Some do, but not all of them. They think fashion is wearing sparkly tops with jeans and boots or high heels. So I wore my ruffle top from the Salvation army tucked into my Hanukkah jeans (I call them that because I got them on the first day of Hanukkah) that I got from Forever 21, burgundy flats, and my AEO teal cardigan. It all looked very nice. but later I changed into a lace tank and my soccer shorts to go to sleep, and I forgot that I was still wearing the head band, so I fell asleep with it on, waiting till morning to open my gifts, and my sister takes a picture because its really funny to her. This was my best Christmas so far :]



She's Dressing Up said...

Im glad you had a fun Xmas!

Lisa said...

I dig the bird headband. It's sort of Philip Treacy-ish :)