Monday, December 22, 2008

The Winter Band Concert ♫

This is a picture from my first high school band concert. I'm not the one in the front, I'm in the background. And if you wondering what I'm wearing its our uniform for concerts. Its not really a dress, its not even a shirt and a skirt. Its an embellished top, and these enormous wide legged pants made to look like skirts. I actually love the pants, but the top is atrocious. I'm also wearing my red glasses. The girl in the front actually found them for me and gave them to me because she thought I would like them. So I share them with her.P.S.
That girls is one of the funniest, kookiest, people I know. She's a good friend, and she always gives me constructive criticisms on my outfits. And she is learning very well. She's even starting to tuck in her T-shirts like I do! And Stephanie, if your reading this,thanks. Merry Christmas!!! Happy holidays everyone!


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Lipstickforest said...

Dont worry I refuse to conform too. Lol.

I got really hard stares when I go out in what I wear.