Monday, December 15, 2008

Edna Mode

Well today i was inspired by Comme des garcons menswear s/s 09. I got the greatest stares, some tacky hispanic ladies were staring at Renata and I for at least an hour and thinking we don't know spanish, they conversed about our "poorly dressed selves" in spanish, i understood all of it and was having a very difficult time containing my laughter (being from Peru i know spanish fluently). While I was at the mall a police came up to me asking me if i was ok, i'm not sure what he meant by that. Some little kid came walking up to me and his mom pulled him back and told him to "leave that strange boy alone". I was quite happy when i got to barneys, some nice employee recognized that i was trying to convey cdg and and asked if my shoes were yohji yamamoto and said he has seen me on the internet somewhere, so if your reading this right now, I liked you jacket =).

Yay for shorts over pants!!!

What I'm wearing: American Apparel cardigan, shirt from Zara, brothers tie, shorts my little cousin left at my house 2 years ago, jeans from H&M, and the shoes lack a label.
Ava is wearing a pencil skirt from the Salvation Army, two patent leather belts over that [one black and one white], white tights, flats from Payless, a purple t-shirt with a velvet skull on it, two pearl necklaces found at an antique store, a black and white polka dotted ribbon as a bow tie, black and white polka dotted clutch purse, and a black fedora from Forever 21.

What Renata wore: Shirt from H&M, Suspenders from Hot Topic, Bow from Forever 21, skirt from H&M, tights from Forever 21, shoes from Payless.

 Ava's purse is really cool. We call it "the Mary Poppins purse" because as you can see it is extremely tiny, but it fit all her makeup, her glasses, her money, and her cards. It was so funny watching her having to pull everything out from it to find stuff. Renata and I had to look inside it to make sure it really wasn't magical. I still have my doubts.


razielle said...

you're all looking great!

Amelia said...

I love the CdG-inspired look! Ava's bag and Renata's tights are amazing.

Ana said...

You have amazing style.

Emlyn said...

Whoa took me a minute to realize this was a collaborated blog, needless to say, you're all looking fantastic and stylish.
Yes I love the tights, but they need to be replaced soon. I hate runs :(

The Clothes Horse said...

You're all in the same tones!

Lipstickforest said...

Hey thanks for the comment. :)

Anyway I think its really cool and FABULOUS that the blog is shared among a few friends. I wished I have friends that will do that with me. Ha ha.

Cate said...

I always think it's so funny when people talk trash about ou in their language, thinking you don't understand it when you do.
Cool reactions you got ^^
I love the photo of Ava, she looks like out of a film. And I want her fedora <3
Ava's purse sounds like the little beaded bag from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

Lea Anne said...

Love all your looks--esp. the CDG s/s09 inspired look! its killer! I'm actually from a really small southern town, and whenever I'm home people always make rude comments about my fashion!

Thanks for the boots comment, they are actually way easier to wear/walk in than they look!

Leah said...

this is such a cool blog i love that it's a collab. effort! i love all your looks.

lopi said...

I love the CDG-inspired look! And both the girls' tights... I love white tights, they instantly bring me back to my childhood, but I rarely find the nerve to rock them!
Too bad you live somewhere where creativity and style is not appreciated...
Thanks for the visit, hope to see you around again!