Saturday, December 13, 2008

Excuses, Excuses

We would all like to apologize for the confusing mess we have created, but we believe that the best way to present our blog is as a collaboration. That way we don't fight over Paula (photographer) or cause some other brouhaha. We hope this confusion doesn't turn you off our blog because we do work hard and really appreciate our readers.

Now apart from my ramblings, yesterday we attended our old middle school's band concert. It was rather exhilarating. I was the only one dressed a bit casually. Gabriel was wearing all black and side-zip jacket. He looked a bit generically-trendy (but in a good kind of look-book-esque way). Ava looked like a porcelain doll that was a cross between Balenciaga and Liebermarlene.

Oh and the reason for the lack of posts/pictures was my sister's camera keeping.

I wore this on Thursday, it was my favourite outfit of the week and thought you should see.
What I wore: Striped shirt from H&M, suspenders from Hot Topic, scarf from H&M, skirt from Forever 21, blue tights from H&M.


Sam said...

I understand why this was your favorite outfit of the week! Striped and dots (there are dots on your skirt, right?) are always cute together!

Emilie White said...

love the scarf!!!!

Cate said...

Cute skirt.
I think being underdressed wouldn't happen to me because I'm always waiting for an occasion to dress up. There never is one, though, so I always have to dress down ;)

Tai said...

Hey, Renaissance!
Or Ren-ren/ Ren-o-rama!

It's Tai, if the name didn't give it away by now. I've been reading some of your stuff. It's really great!
Um, I might steal some of your pictures from Spirit Week, so don't sue.
Actually, already did.

Anywho, you're much loved.

The Stiletto Effect said...

That is really a cute outfit!
Keep in touch

Lea Anne said...

I love the way you mixed the two patterns!

Kvestelser said...

Mixing of prints! It looks awesome! And, sorry for me saying so, but I want your skirt ^^


Anonymous said...

from now on its my "your favourite outfit" too :] you look so adorable dear.
Lots of love

Anonymous said...

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