Monday, December 1, 2008


Today I just made the desicion I'm going to get out of my grounding, and I'm going hunting for a new guy (too early?). Well here is what I wore today. I'm going to try Renata's approach and not smile. Because thats how I model, but I don't do that for normal pictures so I have two, one smiling, one not. Here it is:

What I wore- AEO baby lace skirt, AEO moccasin flats with a bow, Mom's old vintage belt, heather grey shirt from Target, and a vintage beaded necklace I found at an antique store in Daytona.


So comment my pictures. Do I look angry in the first one?

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Kvestelser said...

No, you do not look angry. It is different, and if it was a "normal" picture, and not an outfit picture, I might have thought that you were sad, or concentrated on something else. But when it is an outfit picture, it looks nice; the face is like something additional, and not the main focus. I hope it does not sound mean or anything, you look very nice when smiling, and it is a nice touch, but you look nice when not-smiling too!

Phu, that was a long comment!