Saturday, December 6, 2008

Spontaneous Photoshoot #2

So today we did our usual and hung out around the park and the Commons (a nick name for the shopping center in our town everyone uses) and we felt a great need to take pictures, we did and here they are. We hope you enjoy them. We can write afterwards what we wore if you really want to know. Also in another tangent, Ava and Gabriel went shopping all morning at The Salvation Army. Ava got a black pencil skirt, a black and white polka dotted vest, a floral shirt Renata is converting into a skirt, a floral skirt with buttons down the front, and a ruffle top. Also Congratulations to Gabriel for winning 7th chair in the All County high school honor band. Job well done. Enjoy our pictures!


Heatherskies said...

You all have fantastico looks, and I love the white dress's pattern!

christina said...

I loove that dress! It's such a lovely colour and the detail looks amazing!

"lol intense shopping occurs to me far too often"

ME TOO! In justification, you have to concentrate on shopping otherwise you might miss an incredible markdown in your size!

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos.i love the three of yours' outfits<3

Amelia said...

Great pictures. I love the bowtie, Gabriel. It's so fun that you guys can get together for photoshoots.