Monday, December 8, 2008

Days slipping away

These past couple of days have been a blur. I feel like I really haven't had time for anything! Why is it we choose not to work diligently in class all semester like we are supposed to, but instead "happily" cram everything into the last couple of weeks before we change our classes (Ava and I have blocked scheduling). Because society is lazy, me included. But on a happier note I found this dress at a Loehmans that I wish I could say belonged to my grandmother (Somewhat believable) but that would be lying, and we are not fond of lying my children, are we now, no. I'll stop my babbling now.
What I wore: Lace dress from Loehmans, skirt from American Apparel, belt from Forever 21, and tights from Target.


Anonymous said...

Love the lace dress and the way you wore it.

LOL, good job for not lying :P
I love when I'm able to have a story that goes with my clothes, some type of history.

Sam said...

That lace dress is divine! Especially how you wore it! And the belt looks so cute with it

Niki said...

Thanks for stopin by my blog today! I just popped over to yours and basically, I freakin love it - you header is awesome, no joke. If I could wear a fancy mask everyday, I would.

Emilie White said...

love the tights!!

Mln. said...

thank you so much for the comment. it really means a lot, since it was my first :)

i'm loving your dress, it's to die for.
and your hair is so cute! makes me super jealous.

take care :)

She's Dressing Up said...

Beautiful lace dress, I love it with the black skurt!

SOS! said...

I like your lace shirt! and I think Loehman's is fantastic.. I found lots of tidbits there when I visited my friend in DC..

xx- LJ from SOS!