Sunday, December 14, 2008

Rei Kawakubo

This is Gabriel writing,
I would just like to tell you about what my dream world is like. In my mind, I am best friends with Tavi (from and I go to Anna Piaggi's house for tea and cake, and Rei Kawakubo is my grandmother and she also lives in my closet and produces clothing for me, and Agyness Deyn is my shopping partner. Speaking of Agyness Deyn and Anna Piaggi, I had this dream were Renata, Ava, and I went to Anna Piaggi's house for tea and she wouldn't let us in without hats and she gave me this hat that looked like a flamingo and that she had this car that was really a huge peacock. I also had a dream were we went shopping in target with Agyness Deyn and all she did was complain that everything was far to expensive and she buys all her clothes for 20 cents. Isn't my subconcious lovely?
Anyways todayI went to Renata's guitar recital. She was the announcer person and I heard some lady talking about her appearance, it was something like this "who does that girl think she is", her husbands reply: "yeah, what's that thing on her head, does she think we're at some funeral or something?", lady again:"poor child, it's a shame she can't be as fashionable as us"
The lady was wearing a horrible ed hardy jacket with ugly jeans and uggs and her husband wore the same thing but it was an equally horrible ed hardy t-shirt with ugly sneakers. Anyways, I received my Comme des Garcons for h&m jacket and nearly had a heart attack, you shall all be seeing it quite a lot in my outfits, i'm not wearing it in this picture however because i wasn't aware i had it 'till i got home. Oh, I'm leaving for Shanghai and Beijing on Monday so i'll be purchasing a camera so you can all see me on a regular basis, but I will be posting, pictures, quite a lot this week. I'm ridiculously excited for China, I'm going to the Comme des Garcons store and Maison Martin Margiela and I'm hoping to find some Henrik Vibskov items since I couldn't go to the store when I was in Copenhagen, and i've been saving up money so i can actually afford stuff. Well i'm wearing my h&m(not cdg)side-zip jacket that i folded and pinned to like this, cheap monday jeans, and my lesbian hiker boots that i adore, and an american apparel t-shirt


Anonymous said...

loved what you're wearing!♥ and surely you have some imagination goin on in there :]

Tai said...

Your dream...It's sexy. I wanna do it.
Know what else I wanna do? Your jackets.'Tis great!
P.S: That lesbian hiker boot..It belongs to me. Since- well, yeah. Haha, great stuff.

Amelia said...

Your dream is amazing. Rei Kawakubo would make an epic grandmother. Nice jacket. Have fun in China.

Lea Anne said...

love the jacket! i can't wait to see pictures with the cdg one! hope you have fun in china.

Emilie White said...

cool window display!!!