Monday, June 29, 2009

Hi Everyone, this is Paula

Ok, so I realize that nobody really knows who I am. So, hello! I'm Paula, Intreegue's photographer.

Ok, so that's me (please excuse my horrible pose, i tried something interesting...).

I hope you guys have all enjoyed what I believe are lovely photoshoots, and just letting you guys know, Renata, Gabriel, and myself have many more planned for the future. So keep reading and thanks for your support!



Soren Lorensen said...

you're a great photographer...I assumed paulka was like 40 years old and a working high-powered millionaire type photographer...MDR!


wow! You are cool Paula, Love your outfit!

Zany Style said...

cute outfit! and plz post more posts! PLZ!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Oooh i love this, love the vest awesome!