Monday, June 21, 2010

Edgy is going right to edge of the cliff while looking all the way down and dancing anyways!

The blog neglect is completely without excuses. It's kind of strange that we were posting so regularly in the midst of AP craziness and cease when it all ends. Regardless, the summer months are long and largely uneventful so we'll probably be posting a lot. I just realizes that we've neglected a lot of major events in fashion (fashion week, mcqueen dieing, etc.). We'll get to that eventually, I am confident of that. Here's a majorly weather inappropiate post of Katie and I looking like wierd desert nomads. There's a lot of pictures of me looking stupidly angsty in the middle because Katie decided to squint excessively in most of her pictures, but I'm sure you'll all live with it.
Oh, I didn't injure myself or anything. The arm brace was Katie's and I thought it was vaguely Rodarte f/w 09 with all the straps. Forgive us if it looks stupid.

we're wearing way too many layers to try and bother with classifcations. Try not to cry in agony


Rosie Unknown said...

Those are lovely! I really want to make a cowl like the one Katie is wearing.

Grace said...

Love the layers!

Love Grace.

Zany Style said...

wow!! i love your photoshoots, its like i can open an issue of Vogue and see you guys in there. thats how awesome you guys are!