Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I miss Being a freshmen

Don't you love that at every stage of your life you classify it as "busy" but as you get older you begin to wish you were in that earlier stage. Okay this is Katie looking all angry in her inapropriate dress for our weather


Side Street Style said...

Yeah I do that alot...must stop forgetting to live in the present and dreaming so much of the past....great blog :)

Laura x

Anonymous said...

ARRGHH!! !i have waited the WHOLE summer for new posts and this is what you give me?!!??! (it's nice btw)
but STILL!! feed me your creativity-ness!! I rely on it to get through daily bores. haha :D

I'd like more please!!

Thank you!!

you guys are awesome btw~

In-tree-gue said...

haha ananymous just for you we will plan a photoshoot for this month

Anonymous said...

neclmazvuufzpddwhmlc, justin bieber baby, kcyaaxf.


i kinda hate the fact of growing up too. basically, i just miss being young. i mean really really young. just innocent.




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