Friday, July 10, 2009

I'm Back!

Hello dear readers as Gabriel may have already mentioned I was in Europe visiting my family. But for now a quick post.

White tulle skirt from H&M, Ribbon from Gabriel? tights from a drugstore, and shoes from some random store in Germany.

street I thought was cute
Fun house I always passed



Soren Lorensen said...

the street really IS cute.

Zany Style said...

great stufffffffffff.


Katie said...

Now I know what you meant. . . I WANT TO GO TO GERMANY!!!!!

Hanna said...

The shoes you got look so adorable! And that street is definitely cute. =)

I’m running a contest on my blog and there’s a clutch to be won. Check it out!

Lisa said...

Great shoes!

I love Germany. I have family there too & lived there briefly when I was younger :)